15 Popular Drinks To Mix With Hennessy, Ranked

When most people think about cognac, Hennessy is the brand that immediately comes to mind. The Hennessy legacy began when the company was founded in 1765. In the centuries since its inception, it has become incredibly popular worldwide and has held its place as one of the world's leading cognac brands for the last decade.

Cognac is a type of brandy (which is a spirit that's distilled from fruit) that's made from grapes in the Cognac region of France. The Hennessy brand has several bottles on offer, but the go-to classic most people reach for is Hennessy V.S.

With its bold, fruity flavor that's rich with oaky notes of spice and a smooth finish, many people enjoy Hennessy on its own. However, it also makes an incredible mixer and works well with a variety of other drinks. You don't have to go all-out with an intricate cocktail to enjoy Hennessy, either (although there are plenty of creative cognac options, such as the grape-cognac cocktail, out there). Many of the options below are simple, accessible, and can be ordered at your favorite bar with ease. If you want to spice up this iconic luxury libation, read on to learn the best drinks to mix with Hennessy.

15. Club soda

Move over, vodka soda — Hennessy and soda is an easy, tasty option when you want something light and refreshing. Whether you reach for club soda, seltzer, or sparkling water, any type of carbonated water will do the trick. All you have to do is pick your favorite bubbly brand.

To make this effervescent, quaffable concoction, simply pour a shot of Hennessy over ice, then fill the rest of the glass with club soda and enjoy. Not only does the neutral flavor of club soda allow the taste of Hennessy to shine, but club soda is also sugar and calorie-free. This means you can enjoy this beverage sans guilt, and you won't feel full or bloated if you plan to spend your night on the town tearing up the dance floor (or if you're just trying to make healthier choices when it comes to imbibing).

One important thing to keep in mind is that if you don't love the taste of booze, this pairing probably isn't for you. Since club soda is just water with added carbonation, it does nothing in the way of covering up Hennessy's flavor. Everyone is different, so for some, this can be much more of a pro than a con!

14. Tonic water

Don't let the name of this mixer fool you — tonic water is more akin to a soda than water. Tonic water is a carbonated beverage that is simultaneously sweet and bitter. The key ingredient is quinine, which helps give it its signature, slightly medicinal flavor.

Those medicinal notes aren't coincidental. In fact, tonic water was historically used to prevent malaria. Beyond providing flavor, the quinine in tonic was a useful tool against the disease before the invention of more modern medicinal solutions. However, according to Forbes, today, you'd have to drink a whopping 67 liters of the stuff to actually reap the disease-fighting benefits, so we think it's better suited as a tasty bar staple.

With the historic uses aside, tonic water goes great with Hennessy. The bitterness acts as a perfect foil to the spirit's sweetness, and the carbonation helps keep it light. Just like its gin and tonic counterpart, a Hennessy and tonic is a drink you can order at nearly every bar (or make at home with ease).

Tonic water comes in a variety of flavors, but we recommend sticking to a straightforward, classic option when mixing it with Hennessy. The notes in some flavored tonics can clash with those found in Hennessy, so simple is usually best. 

13. Sprite

Lemon and lime are cocktail essentials, so it makes sense that a classic lemon-lime soda like Sprite works as a deliciously accessible addition to Hennessy.

This is a perfect option if you want something light, refreshing, and carbonated but that packs a little more punch in terms of flavor than something like club soda. The sweetness helps it go down easy, too.

Since lemon and lime complement so many other flavors, you can think of Hennessy and Sprite as somewhat of a blank canvas. Feel free to add a splash of juice like cranberry or orange to kick up the flavor even more. Don't forget to add a healthy squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice to really enhance the citrus and to balance out the sugar.

Mixing Hennessy with Sprite (or any soda for that matter) might not be the fanciest or most refined option, but if it tastes good and you like it, there's nothing wrong with keeping things simple.

12. Ginger ale

Ginger ale is a drinker's best friend. There are few spirits that this beverage doesn't pair well with, and Hennessy is no exception. It's less intense than its cousin, ginger beer, but it still retains a mild hint of spice that balances out the sweetness of Hennessy. The warm spice notes of ginger ale also work to highlight the similar flavors found in Hennessy that can often be lost when mixed with other, sweeter beverages.

Mixing ginger ale with Hennessy is simple, but you'll be surprised at how tasty and balanced the resulting beverage can be. The ratio here doesn't have to be precise — just add a shot of Hennessy and as much ginger ale as you'd like to a highball glass with ice. Add a squeeze of lime, and you've got a beverage that tastes more intricate than it is. Plus, you can order this pretty much anywhere (if your bar doesn't have ginger ale and Hennessy, you might want to find a new bar). When you don't know what you're in the mood to drink, try this underrated duo!

11. Sweet tea

Making this mixer shine does require a couple of additional ingredients, but sweet tea is the real star of the show. All you need to do to make a quick, delicious cocktail is combine sweet tea, a splash of Cointreau, and a squeeze of lemon juice. While you can use plain iced tea and simple syrup, we recommend saving yourself a step and using iced tea that's already been sweetened. Plus, you'll get to enjoy a pitcher of this southern favorite without the booze, too.

The aromatic flavor of black iced tea brings out similar notes in the Hennessy, and the sugar keeps it from tasting too bitter. The addition of Cointreau (which is an orange liqueur that's also from France) makes sense when you think about how it's a key ingredient in a classic sidecar — one of the most popular cognac-based cocktails.

Mixing Hennessy with sweet tea is great for cooling off on a hot summer day, but we promise it's delicious all year long. Fair warning: you may find yourself knocking back more than one of these tasty beverages!

10. Unfiltered apple juice

Unfiltered apple juice evokes images of hay rides, leaf peeping in the fall, and pumpkin patches, but if you mix it with Hennessy, the resulting cocktail will likely change your perception. This flavorful concoction is surprisingly refreshing, considering the warm flavor undertones of apple and cinnamon.

Making this drink is as simple as putting a shot of Hennessy V.S in a glass, adding ice, topping with unfiltered apple juice, and stirring. While this fruity, flavorful mix is drool-worthy as is, you also have the option to shake it to create a frothy element. If you are in the mood for a warming cocktail during the colder months, you can always warm your unfiltered apple juice up and skip the ice. To make it an official-looking cocktail, put a cinnamon stick in the glass for a subtle spicy flavor and eye-catching appeal.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely you'll find unfiltered apple juice at your local bar. However, it's easy to pick up at almost any grocery store, especially in the fall and winter. You'll likely find several reputable brands, but Martinelli's is our top pick. It has no added sweeteners and lets the complex Hennessy flavor shine through beautifully.

9. Chambord

Just like Hennessy, Chambord hails from France. This black raspberry liqueur is the perfect fruity addition to the richness of Hennessy. In fact, Chambord actually contains cognac, so the two are a natural match made in beverage heaven.

With its sweet, smooth flavor that's bursting with notes of berry, Chambord is one of those ingredients that's hard not to like — which means it makes a great mixer for people who don't necessarily like the alcoholic burn of other, more potent spirits. Coming in at 16.5% ABV, it's still boozy, so keep in mind that when you're adding it to other alcohol, you are making the overall drink stronger (even though its fruity flavor can make it taste the other way around).

When mixing Chambord and Hennessy, there's no right or wrong way to do it. Some people prefer a one-to-one ratio, while others go lighter on the Chambord to enhance the flavor profile of Hennessy. Serve it on the rocks for a more refreshing beverage or neat for a unique and sophisticated sipper.

If you're on the fence about whether to shell out for one of Chambord's signature spherical bottles, just remember it has plenty of other tasty uses, such as in this frose cocktail. We can almost guarantee you'll be glad you have this fruity liqueur on your bar cart. 

8. Pineapple juice

If you think rum is the only spirit that can be mixed with a tropical juice like pineapple, think again. The bright, fruity, and bracingly acid components of pineapple juice are the yin to Hennessy's yang, making them a winning combination.  

While you can certainly make yourself a nice beverage by simply combining a shot of Hennessy with as much or little pineapple juice as you'd like in a glass filled with ice, we highly recommend taking the extra time to give this concoction a good shake.

All you have to do is put the ingredients in a quality cocktail shaker and shake until the metal gets frosty. Doing so will aerate the entire drink, resulting in a light, frothy beverage. You'll impress your guests and feel like a bartending pro, too. Garnish your creation with a lime, and you'll have a drink that will make you feel like you've landed in paradise.

7. Coca-Cola

If your go-to drink is a rum and coke, try branching out with a Hennessy and coke instead. It's tasty and easy, and you won't sound fussy if you order it at a packed bar when the bartenders are in the weeds (trust us, they'll thank you).

Coke is another great mixer because of its versatility, as it pairs well with several spirits, and Hennessy is no exception. Though Coca-Cola's recipe is elusive (and has a complex and fascinating history), it's easy to detect the soda's notes of caramel, vanilla, spice, and of course, a hefty dose of pure sweetness.

These flavors interact nicely with those found in Hennessy, and pairing the two results in a beverage that's easy to drink — and ideal for people who are just discovering the delicious world of cognac.

Sometimes a simple, classic mixer is all you really need, and you can't go wrong with an ice-cold Coca-Cola and Hennessy.

6. Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is a permanent fixture in the world of mixology. Its sweet yet tart flavor makes a bold drink, is loved by all, and goes great with just about any type of spirit — Hennessy V.S included. When you combine the two, you get a wonderfully balanced cocktail with fruity elements, rich, oaky flavors, and just the right amount of sweetness to make your palate sing with joy.

To create the perfect flavor combination, mix a single shot of Hennessy with cranberry juice over ice. This simple formula results in a tangy, tart, and sweet cocktail with all the right flavors to sip year-round. You could also add a splash of pineapple juice to create a tropical version of the cocktail. 

Numerous cranberry juice brands are available at grocery and convenience stores. You can rest assured that you can select any one of them since there is only a significant difference between pure cranberry juice and cranberry cocktail. You may be more familiar with the sweeter cranberry cocktail, which is often served at bars, though both will work for this berry-forward beverage. 

5. Guava juice

This one isn't something you can find at your average dive bar. However, if you're drinking Hennessy at home (or if you're lucky enough to be visiting a cocktail bar that has it on hand), guava juice is a surprisingly delicious drink to mix with Hennessy.

Though the two might not seem like a likely duo, hear us out. Guava is simultaneously sweet and acidic, which helps to wake up the flavor of Hennessy. If you've never tried this unique fruit, you can think of the taste of guava as somewhat of a cross between pear and strawberry.

You can buy guava juice at most large, well-stocked grocery stores, international markets, or online. Just keep in mind that it's often labeled as guava nectar.

Once again, lots of ice and a squeeze of fresh lime are also keys to making this mix great. If you really want to make this drink feel special, it never hurts to add a paper umbrella and serve it in your nicest glassware.

4. Tamarind soda

While classic sodas like ginger ale and coke are fantastic mixers for Hennessy, sometimes opting for something a little more unique, like tamarind soda, is the way to go. Native to Africa, tamarind is a sweet and sour fruit that grows in a pea-like pod. Frequently used in Indian cuisine in chutneys, curries, and sauces, it also makes for a unique soda flavor — and a mixer that's anything but boring.

Tamarind soda is a tasty hodgepodge of sweet, tangy, and sour. The hints of caramel found in tandem with the more citrusy elements of the soda make it a delicious pairing with Hennessy. Its complex flavor makes the two-ingredient combo feel extra special. 

Brands like Jarritos offer great options for tamarind soda, and you can find it in the international aisle of many grocery stores or online. Jarritos doesn't contain any artificial flavors, and it's sweetened with real sugar, so it's a beverage you can feel good about adding to your Hennessy!

3. Margarita mix

Did you know you can make an excellent margarita that doesn't contain any tequila or mezcal? Swapping traditional agave-based spirits for Hennessy is a tasty way to put a new spin on this beloved cocktail. The best part is that when you use margarita mix, zero juicing is required.

Now, we're the first to acknowledge that some people shudder at the thought of using a store-bought margarita mix. However, there are plenty of delicious options out there that rely on high-quality, natural ingredients. Margarita mix doesn't have to be synonymous with a sugar-induced hangover, and lots of mixes are perfectly refined and balanced.

When you want something easy, fun, and crowd-pleasing, just combine a measure of Hennessy with a serving of a good margarita mix. If you need help choosing which one, take a look at this ranking of the best grocery store margarita mixes on the market.

Hennessy margaritas bring the citrusy zing you know and love with the added richness and depth of flavor from the cognac. We won't blame you if you decide to make an entire pitcher! 

2. Amaretto

Sometimes the best thing to add to booze is more booze. This is absolutely the case when it comes to combining Hennessy with amaretto. Made from apricot pits, amaretto is an Italian, almond-flavored libation that's one of the most popular types of liqueurs

Though it gets its claim to fame as the star of cocktails like the amaretto sour, it's also a key component of a lesser-known drink called the French Connection.

Not only is it one of the absolute best after-dinner cocktails, the French Connection contains just two ingredients: cognac and amaretto. When you reach for Hennessy as the cognac component, this drink is sure to be exceptional.

Serve this sweet treat over ice and garnish with an orange twist for an unforgettable two-ingredient cocktail that's simple, boozy, and sweet. Unlike some after-dinner indulgences that rely on heavy, creamy ingredients, this combo will satisfy your sweet tooth without making you feel weighed down.

1. Champagne

Hennessy is all about luxury, which means there's almost nothing better to mix it with than a beverage that celebrates the same. We're talking about Champagne, and both are French, made from grapes, and make an impeccable pairing.

We think Champagne is the absolute best drink to mix with Hennessy since both bubbly and cognac were fundamental ingredients in the original French 75. Although today most French 75 recipes call for gin, the original version of the drink was actually made with cognac.

There's a somewhat bizarre origin story behind this cocktail's name, as it's derived from a type of French field gun that was used in World War I. Long story short, the weapon was known for packing a powerful punch, much like this drink.

The lemon juice and simple syrup do wonders in terms of making the boozy elements dangerously drinkable but trust us when we say that the alcohol content of this classy concoction is still hefty. The fact that they're served with sophisticated flutes or coupes adds to the allure of these potent and delicious potables.

While other varieties of sparkling wine, such as Prosecco or Cava, will certainly work just fine, we think there's something special about breaking out the good stuff when mixing it with Hennessy. It's the perfect way to say cheers to two of France's most iconic beverages coming together.


My 20 years of experience bartending and serving played a prominent role in developing this ranking of mixers. Hennessy may not be the most commonly-ordered spirit, but it's much more versatile than people think. As a result, I often had to guide patrons to choose an appropriate mixer, or any mixer at all, for that matter. I also factored in my knowledge regarding each mixer's popularity, potential availability at bars and restaurants, and flavor when mixed with Hennessy to help determine each drink's positioning on the list. 

In addition to my first-hand knowledge, standard cognac recipes, insights from the brand, and drinkability were also factored in. Ultimately, though, selecting a Hennessy mixer depends on your personal preference. So, if our top two mixers, which require adding more booze to your Hennessy, aren't calling you, any of the other options on our list could easily steal the spotlight. After all, the cocktails we choose reflect our specific palate, right?

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