Williams Sonoma Just Revealed Its Holiday Advent Calendars For 2022

It may just be the end of summer and the start of back-to-school but it's never too early for Williams Sonoma's Holiday Preview. Nestled among the glazed porcelain winterberry and Christmas tree embellished dinner plates, eco-friendly candles in scents like Winter Forest and Spiced Chestnut, and the shiny embossed tins filled with European-style hot chocolate and the store's signature peppermint bark, you'll find five Advent calendars.

But these aren't just any Advent calendars, these are built to please discerning adult palates with themes that range from Parisian spices and Harry Potter to the above-mentioned peppermint bark and cookies, and even the grand dame of country Christmas herself, Ms. Dolly Parton. All are filled with 24 days of luscious goodies and are available for pre-order now. But don't dally on Dolly just because the holidays are literally months away, these timely treats may sell out quickly.

Holiday Advent Calendar: 24 Days of Baking Cookies

What's sweeter than holiday baking? It gives you the chance to build memories, share time with loved ones, and the whole house smells delicious — and let's be honest, at the end of it all there are cookies!

Williams Sonoma takes the joy of the holidays one step further by filling this Advent calendar with 24 little boxes containing the cutest baking tools, like cookie cutters, stencils, and icing bottles. The box itself features recipes and tips as well as beautiful artwork all to help you make the season tasty. By the time you're through, you'll have everything you need to bake the most epic set of holiday cookies to share with friends and family.

You can order Williams Sonoma's Holiday Advent Calendar: 24 Days of Baking Cookies now, starting at $69.95.

Peppermint Bark Advent Calendar

Williams Sonoma's holiday peppermint bark is one of those things that IYKYK (if you know you know). And while you'll still probably want to stock up on the trio of peppermint bark featured in the holiday preview for your festive snacking needs, this Advent calendar is something special with custom-shaped pieces instead of the traditional chunks of bark.

Featuring six of each shape — Christmas trees, Santas, toy soldiers, and snowmen — this 24-day countdown is sure to satisfy the peppermint lover in your life.

The store's Peppermint Bark Advent Calendar is available to pre-order starting at $29.95.

Le Comptoir Colonial Spice Advent Calendar

Probably the most exciting Advent calendar of the bunch for the serious cooks in your life, this curated collection of spices from Parisian spice purveyor Le Comptoir Colonial features 24 spices (six for veggies and sides, seven for fish, nine for meat, and two for dessert) including Merlot wine salt, paella seasoning, za'atar, two curry powders, white truffle salt, a Speculoos spice blend, and more!

You can spice up your holidays with this warming collection of savory (and a few sweet) flavors starting at $49.95. The Spice Advent Calendar is currently only available for pre-order.

Dolly Parton Holly Dolly Advent Calendar

Williams Sonoma's Dolly Parton Advent calendar is sure to cause a stir. Why? Because she's not only a national treasure and an epic songwriter, but the woman truly loves the holiday. (Also people seriously love the country star, her Jeni's ice cream collab sold out so fast they decided to reissue it.)

Parton has put out multiple Christmas albums, like 1984's "Kenny and Dolly: Once Upon a Christmas," which was made with Kenny Rogers and tied to a holiday special, "Kenny & Dolly: A Christmas to Remember." Most recently, Parton released another holiday album in 2020, "A Holly Dolly Christmas," soon to be re-released in a deluxe version on October 14 (via Dolly Parton). Parton has also been in a slew of holiday movies, with one coming out this year on NBC titled "Dolly Parton's Mountain Magic Christmas." 

If you're like Parton and love all things Christmas (or maybe just love Dolly), you'll be thrilled with this Advent calendar, which contains some of Parton's favorites including chocolates, caramels, gummies, and mints, all wrapped up in the iconic image of this down-to-earth country queen. The Dolly Parton Advent Calendar is available for pre-order, starting at $39.95.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Chugging down the track on the cover of this magical Advent calendar is the Hogwarts Express on its way to visit everybody's favorite wizard, Harry Potter. Williams Sonoma is giving you 24 days to tickle your tastebuds with assorted delights from Honeydukes, the wizarding world's weirdly taste-tempting sweet shop. Treats include recognizable names from the books and films, like Lemon Sherbets and Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, as well as festive gummies, sour balls, butterscotch drops, and more!

You can order the Harry Potter Advent Calendar now at Williams Sonoma, currently on sale starting at $19.99, down from a starting price of $45.95.

Sweet Girl's Bakery Advent Calendar

Sweet Girl's Bakery is a small boutique bakery out of Florida, where owner Nicosia Jones bakes and decorates every batch of gorgeous royal icing-adorned cookies herself from scratch. That means that not only is this calendar a festive feast for the eyes, but the cookies it contains are as well. Packed with 24 mini sugar cookies resembling traditional winter and Christmas iconography (think reindeer, stockings, wreaths, trees, and snowflakes) the home-baked feel of this stunning calendar is sure to fill you with holiday cheer.

The Sweet Girl's Bakery Cookie Advent Calendar is available now at Williams Sonoma, starting at $59.95.