The Best & Booziest Rum Cocktail Recipes

Time flies when you're having rum
Best Rum Cocktails
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Whether you go top shelf or prefer to reach for that bottle of coconut rum, time flies when you're having rum: And that's even more true on National Rum Day. Plenty of bars and restaurants are offering specials on all the mai tais, mojitos and daiquiris you can handle, but we suggest you stay in and raise a glass with these eight cocktails.

This article was originally published on 8/16/2016 and was updated by Andrew Bui with additional images and content on 8/16/17.

  • Cherry-Infused Rum (Bilí)

    What happened to the rum stash? You used it all for a pitcher of this fruity Puerto Rican digestif.

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  • Pineapple Rum Daiquiri

    Shake pineapple rum with fresh-squeezed lime juice, simple syrup and maraschino cherry liqueur for a tropical spin on the classic daiquiri—which turns out isn't actually the frozen slushie we drank during college spring breaks.

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  • The Painkiller

    Every day is National Rum Day in the Caribbean. Pretend you're paddling over to a swim-up bar as you sip this tropical drink in all of its cream-of-coconut glory.

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  • Aged Rum and Honey Cocktail

    Not all rum cocktails have to involve maraschino cherries and paper umbrellas. Just look to this blend of aged rum and bubbly Prosecco as proof.

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  • Gator Bite Rum Punch

    Holidays are for celebrating with friends and family. And, naturally, a giant bowl of triple rum punch that will transport you straight to the bayou.

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  • Rum & Cola

    This isn't the Diet Coke and rum you were clinging to when you first turned 21. Instead Champagne, fernet and aromatic bitters give this dive-bar classic a highbrow makeover.

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  • Luau Basil Cocktail

    Get the luau party started with this crisp, tart cocktail. It's a great way to use extra basil from your box planter if you've eaten one too many caprese salads.

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