New Halo Top Ice Cream Flavors

Plus, 10 times when you need to (and should) eat the whole pint
Halo Top Ice Cream's New Flavors
Photo: Halo Top

Life happens. And when it does, sometimes all you want to do is hang out with your friends, Ben and Jerry, or their Danish-sounding cousin, Häagen-Dazs.

We get it though. You still want to fit into your pants after getting off your emotional roller coaster. But "healthy" frozen dessert options can be actually offensive: Water and pea protein do not make ice cream. There are, however, a few brands that manage to ramp up the health factor while still truly tasting like ice cream. Halo Top has a near monopoly on the healthy ice cream market, with its true dairy product that's low in sugar and calories but high in protein. That’s joyous news, especially now that 10 new flavors have just been added to its lineup.

We’ve tried them all and paired them with 10 times in your life when you need to reach for a pint.

① When a car drives past you in the rain and splashes you, big time . . .

Shake off the smell of dirty puddle by spooning into oatmeal cookie. It actually smells like freshly baked cookies, and the oat flecks make it even more authentic.

② When someone breaks up with you via text message . . .

Pick an ice cream that matches your ex's heart: black. We like the black cherry for its refreshing, sorbet-like texture and its sweet taste of revenge. 

③ When your roommate eats your leftovers . . .

You’re left with no other option, so you might as well go all out. S'mores takes the best parts of every dessert—chocolate, cookies and ice cream—and combines them into one package that surely counts as dinner.

④ When you just ran a marathon . . .

Sea salt caramel will do the trick to replace all the salt you just sweated out. Plus, you need to replace so many electrolytes that you could probably spring for a second pint.

⑤ When you get your wisdom teeth removed . . .

There are no chunks to get in the way in peanut butter cup, just swirls of protein-packed peanut butter. Totally necessary, you know, for nutrients, since you can't chew anything.


You can never have enough peanut butter cups. #ScoopItUp worthy!

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⑥ When you have to put your dog to sleep . . .

Cry into a pint of chocolate almond crunch—salt from your tears will only make it taste better.

⑦ When someone steals your wallet . . .

Ask your best friend to buy you red velvet. That way you can sit at home and eat ice cream with pieces of cake in it while you call all your credit card companies.

⑧ When your "best friend" goes behind your back . . .

Friendship isn't black and white, but ice cream can be. A pint of cookies and cream would never start a rumor that you hid your wallet to mooch dessert off your date.

⑨ When you get fired . . .

After you pack your things and leave, stop by the store for a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough. It's the ultimate comfort flavor, perfect for figuring out your next step.


Hump day ain't so bad when you have a Halo Top Cookie Dough pint! #ScoopItUp

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⑩ When you receive a promotion . . .

Make it rain pistachio ice cream, then buy one for your best friend, too. Share the wealth, if not your spoon.


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