Game-Changing Ways to Use Your Instant Pot

Eight recipes for pressure cooking perfection
Recipes for Your New Instant Pot
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The Instant Pot might be the hottest kitchen tool since George Foreman's pint-size grill, but it doesn't mean this powerful all-in-one electric pressure cooker is a breeze to figure out. Whether you snatched up an Amazon Prime deal or were the lucky recipient of this year's favorite culinary gift, odds are you're stumped on how to make the most of this little wonder's many functions.

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Get to know your newest go-to gadget by trying out these eight delicious, simple Instant Pot recipes.

 Braised Lemongrass + Coconut Chicken

 Instant Pot Chicken Stock

 New York Cheesecake

 Instant Pot Picadillo

 Honey Bourbon Chicken

 Spiced Coconut Chicken and Rice

 Instant Pot Beef Stew

 Steel-Cut Oatmeal


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