Adam Rothbarth

University Of Missouri, Webster University
Food And Dining, Music, Literature
  • Adam has an M.A. in Music History and has written about food and music professionally for over a decade. He's written for publications like VICE, Apple Music, Rolling Stone, Spotify, and many more.
  • He was formerly the staff writer at Sauce Magazine, St. Louis' primary culinary publication.
  • Some of Adam's favorite topics to cover are wine, amaro, classical music, wellness, new products, fine dining, baking, and more. His favorite food is probably pizza.


Adam studied music and was a critic for many years, having written for publications like Apple Music, Spotify, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and more. Turning to food journalism, he became the staff writer at Sauce Magazine, St. Louis' most trusted food publication; he's also written about food for VICE/Munchies, Thrillist, McSweeney's, and more. Now, he's a full-time freelancer contributing food, music, and affiliate writer for outlets like VICE, Wrong Life Review, Tasting Table, and others.


Adam has an M.A. in Musicology from University of Missouri and a B.A. in Music from Webster University.
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