This Airbnb Feature Makes It Easy For Wine Lovers To Find A Perfect Getaway

There are many reasons to go on a trip, from visiting friends to checking out an award-winning new restaurant or just relaxing on a beach somewhere. And while the planning stages can be fun and exciting, sometimes you need a little help to narrow down where you'd like to visit and what you want to do there. After all, going on vacation should be easy, right?

Since 2008, Airbnb has been a leading marketplace for people looking for a place to stay while traveling (via Business Insider). And with all the search options it's offered, spending a weekend in Philadelphia or going skiing in Colorado for a week is pretty easy to arrange. But until now, Airbnb has primarily been a lodging service, connecting hosts with guests — deciding where to travel has largely been the task of the traveler. If one wanted to, say, find a spot in the desert, rent an apartment with a piano, find a tiny home, or visit a national park, they'd have to first pick a spot before looking for a place to stay there.

And for people looking for the best wine in the United States or even the world, that meant choosing a vineyard, region, or winery before looking for a space. With Airbnb's newest update, that's all changed.

Searching by category connects wine lovers with vineyards to visit

In May, Airbnb announced what CEO Brian Chesky called "the biggest change to Airbnb in a decade," according to CNBC. Among the changes were an option to split stays between different homes, and AirCover, a new series of protections that make traveling safer than ever for Airbnb users. But what's most pertinent to wine fans is the company's new search engine, which allows travelers to filter by category. According to the company's website, Airbnb offers 100,000 homes near vineyards, and now they're easier to find.

If you log on to Airbnb, just scroll through the 56 new categories, which include historic homes, mansions, windmills, boats, and many more. People wanting to check out a vineyard can just click on "vineyard," and a huge list of lodging options comes up. Furthermore, if you click on "map," you can search for something in the city or region of the United States you're looking to check out. All that's left to do is book it, pack your bags, and then decide whether you're in the mood for red, white, or rosé.