Burger King Is Testing New Buns With A Popular Bagel Seasoning

Burger King has always been focused on promoting individual expression, and giving you the opportunity to "Have It Your Way," as their 40-year-old slogan says, per CNBC. Now, they want to make sure you can have everything — or at least everything seasoning.

Food Network reports that Burger King has now begun testing burger buns coated in everything bagel seasoning. What was once a seasoning and spice mix reserved for bagels has recently become a seemingly omnipresent spice blend. Everything Bagel seasoning typically consists of a mix of sesame, salt, poppy seeds, dried garlic, and dried onion. In recent years though, this blend has made its way from delis and bakeries to grocery store spice aisles, and even into ice cream. It's now seemingly become an essential spice in most American homes. According to Eating Well, this all-encompassing spice mix has become so well loved thanks to its savory versatility that makes it perfect for topping just about anything.

New buns will be tested in Alabama and New Mexico

Now, some lucky Burger King customers can find out if everything bagel seasoning makes burger buns taste better too. Food Network says that starting September 12, certain Burger King locations will be the first to test out classic menu options topped with everything bagel seasoning. Residents of Huntsville, Alabama and Albuquerque, New Mexico will be the first to try the new Everything Whopper, Everything BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and Everything Breakfast Sandwiches. There are no other changes to these classic menu items other than the new mix of spices and seeds joining the classic sesame seed buns.

Food Network points out that when test runs for products like these go well, they typically become more widely available. With the popularity of everything bagel flavoring, it's likely these new versions of Burger King favorites will be well received. This is also one of the first signs that fast food restaurants are starting to expand their menus once again. CNN reports that many fast food restaurants offered scale-back menus during much of the pandemic, but those days may be behind us soon enough.