Everything Bagel Blend Gets Off The Deli Counter

Everything bagels are the latest kitchen muse

We used to consume our everything bagels in private.

Their speckled skins, while delicious, were also so pungent, we worried about offending our neighbors.

But the powerful trifecta of dried seeds, onion and garlic has become a tool that chefs across the country are utilizing well beyond the deli counter.

On the revamped menu at New York City's Eleven Madison Park, Daniel Humm elevates the classic bagel breakfast with a loin of sable smoked tableside, accompanied by a caviar-cream cheese spread and a tiny mountain of everything bagel dust.

Chicago chef Noah Sandoval channels the breakfast bread in a gnocchi dish at the just-opened Senza. The delicate dumplings are tossed with garlic, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and dehydrated garlic, then met with fresh ricotta cheese.

At Provisions, the casual side of The Pass & Provisions in Houston, the flavor profile is used on chips that come with a spread of smoked salmon. 

Inspired, we quit hiding our bagels and developed a recipe for the ultimate everything bagel blend (see the recipe). Try it on popcorn, add to breadcrumbs and sprinkle over macaroni and cheese, or mix into potatoes.

Then invite your friends over; you have nothing to hide.