Dunkin's 2022 Harpoon Beer Collab Has New Flavors And An Updated Favorite

Dunkin' has been serving up morning brews since 1950, and what began as one coffee shop in Quincy, Massachusetts is now a chain of over 12,600 cafes across 40 countries. The coffee company has won over its customer loyalty with hot, iced, and flavored coffees, and has become one of the most recognized chains for breakfast cravings too.

Over three decades later, but physically not so far away, Harpoon Brewery was founded in 1986 by three college friends with a craving for good beer, per their website. They were issued the first brewing permit in Massachusetts and began brewing up their own recipes. They now operate three breweries on the east coast, serving up snacks alongside their brews.

Now, these two Massachusetts-based businesses are teaming up for the fifth time to release the "Box o' Beer," featuring three new flavors, and an upgraded version of an old favorite. Dunkin' and Harpoon Brewery's partnership began in 2017, and they've previously released other coffee-inspired alcoholic beverages, like the Dunkin' Coffee Porter (via Bearded & Brewed).

Combining coffee and alcohol

The Pumpkin Spice Latte Ale is making a return this year, with a slight change, according to the Dunkin' website. The recipe now includes oat milk in the brew, meant to mimic the creamy flavor of your favorite latte. The other featured flavors are also coffee-inspired and perfect for sipping by the side of the bonfire as the weather cools down.

The Coffee Roll Cream Ale pairs cinnamon with coffee roast for a bakery-inspired cream ale brew. If you're craving a more classic coffee flavor, you might opt for the Cold Brew Coffee Porter, which adds a little dairy to the Dunkin' cold brew flavor. The final flavor is the Hazelnut Blonde Stout: A lightly nutty, sweet flavor blended with pale, oat, and wheat malts.

Dunkin' will also be releasing a limited-edition Dunkin' Harpoon IPA Donut — an IPA jelly-filled donut topped with candied malt crumble. Boston locals can attend the release party at the brewery on September 16, where customers can grab a donut alongside their drinks. For everyone else, the twelve-pack of mixed flavors will be available to purchase anywhere Harpoon beers are sold.