Why You Shouldn't Add Extra Seasoning When Cooking Salmon

Salmon can be served in a variety of ways. The fish can be pan-cooked, sous vided, cured, fried, roasted, grilled, smoked, and honestly, this list could go on and on with all the common and more regional salmon dishes in modern existence.

Both Atlantic salmon and Pacific salmon are native to North America's Pacific Northwest and North Atlantic coasts, but they are now also farmed in fisheries due to devastating climate change, and human interference which is affecting wildlife around the world. The Global Salmon Initiative reminds us that as our population grows and our environment shifts, our food systems suffer. In response to this change salmon farming was experimented with during the 1960s, and now produces approximately 60% of our total consumed salmon worldwide. Salmon is greatly beloved for its delicious nature but is also appreciated by Healthline for its vast source of omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to a healthy diet. But as with any food, the salmon can be totally ruined if prepared incorrectly.

Marinade isn't good for everything

Most of us were taught that marinating our food overnight adds flavor to the meat and a marinade also works well as a sauce (via Lake Geneva Country Meats). But salmon isn't your regular New York strip or Hanger steak, salmon is soft and delicate in texture both before and after cooking. Simple Most adamantly advisees against marinating any kind of fish for more than an hour. A marinade can over-hydrate your salmon and make it take on an unpleasant mushy texture. Salmon is already a flavorful fish, it really just needs a few ingredients to make it shine.

The same thing can be said for a dry rub or seasoning as well. The Kitchn suggests that when you use your rub or season your fish with some basic salt and pepper, the salt will begin to break down the fish's proteins and if left too long before cooking it, the salmon can dry out. So, if you are planning on seasoning your fish before cooking -which should be an absolute must- make sure your grill or oven is up to heat so once you're done salting it you can cook it immediately.