The Best Way To Grease A Pan For Pound Cake

A sweet addition to a cup of coffee in the morning or served up alongside some seasonal berries, pound cake is a moist, sweet treat enjoyed by many.

The pound cake is named for the original recipe, which called for one pound each of eggs, flour, sugar, and butter, per What's Cooking America. The recipe is thought to have originated sometime in Britain during the 1700s and the first American recipes showed up in a 1796 cookbook. The original cake was huge and intended to feed a large number of people, but the recipe was adapted over the years to be smaller and lighter.

Cake staying stuck in the pan after baking can be one of the more frustrating problems to have. Depending on how badly the cake gets stuck, your hard work could be ruined after it bakes. But there is one way to grease your pan that will minimize the risk of your pound cake being stuck — and it's not just a light coating of cooking spray.

Too much grease could ruin the cake

The cake is baked to a perfect golden brown, the kitchen smells amazing, and the toppings are ready for slices of cake. All that's left is to slide your pound cake out of the pan and slice it up. It can be frustrating to try to get the cake out if it gets stuck. This is especially true for pound cake, which typically isn't covered in frosting to hide any mistakes.

One simple swap could make or break your cake. One light coating of cooking spray might not be enough to slide the cake out easily, but if your pan is too oily, it could prevent the cake from rising fully, reports Southern Living. The outlet suggests, instead, to grease the pan with a lighter oil, such as Crisco. Once greased, the pan can be dusted with a light coating of flour. The barrier will prevent your pound cake from sticking to the pan while still allowing the batter to fully rise.