The Ingredient That Will Forever Change Your Classic Pound Cake

Pound cake is a sweet, dense cake, often baked in a loaf pan and sliced like bread when served. The melt-in-your-mouth treat is seen served alongside fruit, whipped cream, or even coffee if you want a sweet start to your morning.

Pound cake gets its name from its original recipe, which called for one pound each of flour, eggs, butter, and sugar, per What's Cooking America, and it was developed sometime in the 1700s. Although they report that the recipe later evolved to make smaller serving sizes, the name stuck. The recipe we know and love today might look a little different from the original invention, but the basics of the classic treat have persevered over time.

Pound cake recipes might differ slightly, depending on which you use, but this Tasting Table pound cake recipe by Jessica Morone features an extra ingredient that will add an unexpected flavor profile to your dessert.

Add a tangy twist with sour cream

Though it might not be found in most pound cake recipes, Jessica Morone, recipe developer and author of Jess Loves Baking, suggests adding sour cream to your pound cake batter for an extra dose of creaminess. Monroe says that the addition makes the cake moister and more tender. It also adds a little extra tangy taste!

In her recipe, Morone adds the sour cream second to last. It goes in just before the flour. By mixing all the wet ingredients together first, it is easier to evenly combine everything, which reduces the amount of clumps that can form in the batter, according to Allrecipes.

Check out Tasting Table's recipe for pound cake and consider mixing up the sweet treat! Once your cake has baked, Morone recommends serving a slice alongside some fresh fruit, whipped cream, ice cream, or chocolate sauce. If you wind up with any extras, you can wrap your pound cake in plastic wrap. It will keep for two days on the counter or up to a week in the fridge.