What Is Your Least Favorite Kind Of Seafood? - Exclusive Survey

Seafood encompasses a wide range of pescatarian delights, and we wanted to know which kinds our readers are most likely to pass up. Our survey hook baited, we waited for our readers to strike. We offered you six seafood options and 615 of you responded to let us know which is your least favorite from the following choices — shrimp, fish, clams, crawfish, oysters, and scallops.

Seafood is one of the most versatile categories of foods, as the preparation possibilities are endless. Simple, fresh ceviche, perfectly seared scallops, steamed clams swimming in garlic butter, and of course, shrimp. The World Wildlife Fund points out that more than three billion people in the world rely on seafood as a protein source, and Seafood Source reports that human consumption has been on the rise and now amounts to about 20.5 kilograms per person each year. That's a lot of seafood! But which type of seafood do people like the least?

This mollusk is not a fan-favorite

Of the 615 responses, 161 readers said their least favorite kind of seafood are oysters. Though beloved in France, which is both the largest producer and consumer of oysters among the countries of the world (via The Good Life France), about 26% of our survey respondents say no to downing dozens of bivalves. Following oysters, crawfish also get the thumbs-down from many of you, with 20% of respondents in no hurry to crack and peel mudbugs.

Roughly 16% of readers prefer to cut bait when it comes to fish, a category that includes a number of species, from salmon to cod to colorful rainbow trout. All the garlic butter in the world won't entice 15% of you to choose clams, and 13% of readers opt out when shrimp's on the menu. In last place we find another bivalve, one that only 9% of you would decline. Scallops appear to be the big winner among Tasting Table readers, particularly if they're cooked to perfection.