Why Top Loin Roast Makes A Great Alternative To Prime Rib

If you've ever been to a fancy wedding, New Year's Eve party, or Easter celebration, then you may have been lucky enough to encounter prime rib on the menu. According to Mr. Steak, prime rib — also called a standing rib roast — is cut from, as you may have guessed, the cow's ribs, and is a classic for the holidays, according to The Spruce Eats. Big on rich, beefy flavor and typically served medium-rare in order to fully enjoy its juiciness and taste, prime rib is usually reserved for special occasions for a very important reason — its cost.

Due to its prized status, dramatic presentation, and delicious flavor, prime rib fetches a pretty penny — about $37 per pound at D'Artagnan, for example, with dry-aged versions often costing more. But if you love the flavor and texture of prime rib and just can't shell out the big bucks for it, there's good news. Top loin roast is a lot cheaper, but also tastes delicious.

Top loin roast is a good choice for beef eaters on a budget

If you eat beef, you most likely love prime rib, the fancy standing rib roast often served on special occasions. However, this pricey roast likely surpasses most grocery budgets, even when we're shopping for something nice for a dinner party. If that sounds like you, then you might want to check out a cut of beef called top loin roast, which Cook's Illustrated calls "a great alternative to prime rib."

As the outlet explains, this cut of beef is sourced from the short loin in the middle of the cow's back, where steakhouse favorite the strip steak is cut from. The meat is well-marbled with fat and also boasts a generous fat cap around its exterior — all of which adds up to a tender, flavorful roast that just happens to cost around $4 less per pound than prime rib. An excellent choice for dinner parties or a home-cooked anniversary meal, the beef comes equipped to whip up an easy side dish too. Cook's Illustrated recommends trimming the fat cap from the meat and browning it with potatoes for beefy roasted spuds that make a perfect complement to the tasty meat.