The Real Reason Ben & Jerry's Will Never Create An Ice Cream With Bacon

Ben & Jerry's has become a household name thanks to the creative pints of ice cream they've been crafting since the late 1970s. Whether you're a fan of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Half Baked, Cherry Garcia or the Flavor Graveyard favorite, Dublin Mudslide, the brand has become a fixture in American freezers. With a team of flavor gurus and loyal fans to help develop new flavors, interestingly, bacon is one ingredient that'll never make it into a pint. But why?

Ranking as the top ice cream brand in the U.S. in 2019, Ben & Jerry's generated over $900 million worth of sales last year (via Statista), proving our allegiance to the creamy iced treat. However, it might seem crazy to think that Ben & Jerry's was initially meant to be a bagel brand, until the outrageous costs of equipment forced the duo to set their sights on ice cream instead, reports Time.

What makes Ben & Jerry's particularly popular is its richness of flavors and textural variety. Driven by co-founder Ben Cohen's anosmia, which impacts his ability to fully smell and taste, Thrillist explains that bolder flavors were developed, in addition to adding in chunks and swirls, for better mouthfeel. 

But while the famous brand was experimented with all sorts of mix-ins like brownies, cherries, pretzels, almonds, and toffee, bacon is a no-go.

Ben & Jerry's is a kosher company

It might seem like anything goes when it comes to what goes into a pint of Ben & Jerry's, but there are some limitations. Despite ongoing fan requests for bits of bacon, it's unlikely that they'll make their way into the ice cream for one pivotal reason: It's not kosher.

Since founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are both proudly Jewish, Ben & Jerry's confirms that almost all of their ingredients are kosher certified. That said, ingredients must conform to dietary rules derived from the Jewish religious text called the Torah. Certified based on how foods are produced, processed and prepared, Healthline explains that some foods like pork are entirely prohibited, whereas pairings like meat and dairy can also be banned.

Given these regulations, the bacon-laced pint of Ben & Jerry's that plagues your imagination will have to remain the stuff of fantasy. Luckily, there definitely isn't a shortage of other unique flavors to try.