Is Trader Joe's Open Labor Day 2022?

For many school-age children, Labor Day marks the end of summer vacation, and for every other working American, it usually means a day off work. Though most national holidays are associated with particular foods, yearly traditions, and family gatherings, Labor Day isn't typically one of them. But that doesn't mean people don't look forward to it. It's still worth celebrating a break from work, a lazy day at home, or even just a non-stressful Monday morning. 

The three-day weekend is a great time to catch up on sleep or other things that you don't always have as much time for, but if going grocery shopping is on your to-do list, you may have to do some planning ahead because not all stores will be open. Per The Real Deal, a handful of major grocery store chains will either be closed or will operate under modified hours. Costco, for example, is always closed on Labor Day, while for Whole Foods, it's best to call your individual store to check in advance. But what about fan-favorite grocer Trader Joe's?

Trader Joe's Labor Day hours

Fortunately for those who prefer to do their shopping at Trader Joe's, Delish confirmed that the grocery store chain will, in fact, be open on Labor Day and will also operate for its regular operating hours. According to Club Trader Joe's, all locations are regularly open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. so you'll have plenty of time to get your shopping in on the holiday. The blog also shares that Trader Joe's rarely closes on holidays and, with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day, will usually opt to remain open or, at the very least, reduce their scheduled hours.

If you're hoping to take advantage of the Labor Day sales many grocery stores offer on the holiday, judging by its most recent flyer shared by Trader Joe's Grocery Reviews, it doesn't seem Trader Joe's will be participating. As most TJ shoppers know, this isn't unusual for the chain as it has a no coupon, no membership, no discount policy (per the official Trader Joe's website) and instead places a bigger emphasis on offering " ... the best everyday values, every day." This also appears to include Labor Day.