Is Whole Foods Open Labor Day 2022?

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and to soothe the bittersweet end to summer, it's only right to get all of your friends and family together to bid the season farewell — and there's no better way to do it than with an outdoor cookout. So get your shopping lists together, check in on any of your guest's food restrictions, and prepare the grill because there's only one more weekend to soak up what's left of summertime.

From grass-fed to organic and plant-based to gluten-free, the ever-growing number of dietary identifications can make party food a lot less fun — particularly for the host. Making sure everyone has options can send you on a man-hunt, scouring through the shopping isles and making trips to multiple stores to find what you need. Add all of this to the stress of the holiday, and you'll find yourself more ready for a nap than a celebration.

But, never fear: Whole Foods has everything you need to feed all of your guests and fulfill all of their unique requests in one place.

Labor Day hours

No matter how prepared you might be, there's always the chance that you missed something on your shopping list. Whether you're making the dreaded return to the store on your own, having it delivered, or just doing your shopping last minute, you can trust that Whole Foods will be open. As always, you should check with your local store's specific hours. But, judging by the Whole Foods website, they're only closed on Christmas Day.

While Delish confirms that Whole Foods is, in fact, open on Labor Day, Whole Foods' website does specify that on some holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day, the store hours are modified. So, if one of your guests hits you with the news of their transition to vegetarianism the day of, check out these 10 vegetarian substitues and play it safe and give your local Whole Foods a phone call to confirm their store hours before making the trip to the store.