Is Target Open Labor Day 2022?

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September is finally here and the United States is getting ready to say goodbye to summer with a bang this upcoming Labor Day weekend. But while many people may be planning to throw the ultimate Labor Day party, some shoppers are set on scoring the best Labor Day deals. And this year CNBC reported that many retailers are selling products at a lower price point than usual.

But before you plan out which stores you want to hit to find a new table for your patio, you first need to know which ones will be open. And, considering that eight out of 10 people across America do their shopping at the retailer (per Insider), Target's Labor Day hours may be at the top of your list to check. But although the grocery store chain vowed to never open on Thanksgiving Day again last year (via Target) and is closed annually on Christmas (per Delish), shoppers won't have to worry about not being able to do a Target run this Labor Day.

Target's open and offering Labor Day Sales

Target was open on Labor Day in 2021 (per New and USA Today reported that the retailer will once again be open on the holiday in 2022. And although the company recently had to recall itsĀ Market Pantry White Fudge Animal Cookies as shoppers found metal wires in the product, that doesn't seem to be slowing Target's operations down. Because the popular grocery chain is also offering its customers Labor Day deals this weekend on a variety of products.

In the Know revealed that some of Target's "Summer Send Off Sale" deals include 30% off of patio furniture and 25% off of indoor furniture. But Target is also putting discounts on items outside of the home section. The grocery store is selling its headphones and speakers at 40% off. And if you still need to shop for groceries for your Labor Day cookout, Target has buy one get one off deals onĀ hot dogs and ground beef. Like many other Labor Day weekend sales, In the Know reported Target's holiday deals are ongoing and will last until the end of Labor Day.