Check Your Kitchen For Target's Recalled Market Pantry Cookies

Following the recall of Target's Favorite Day lavender shortbread cookies, which were found to contain inaccurate allergen warnings on their labels, D.F. Stauffer Biscuit Co. has issued a voluntary recall of Target's Market Pantry brand white fudge animal cookies, per U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A batch of these cookies was found to contain dangerous materials and other cookies from the same production run are being recalled by the company to prevent any accidental injuries as well.

These recalls are affecting the retailer at a time when it's been rethinking some of its business model to focus more on grocery sales. CNBC reports that Target has seen consumers shy away from high cost items due to rising inflation. Sales for budget-friendly forms of groceries (especially store brands like Market Pantry), beauty products, and household essentials, however, have been on the rise.

But what materials were discovered in the cookies?

Some cookies were found to contain metal wire

If you think you may have recently purchased these recalled items, which were discovered, in portion, to have metal wiring inside, it is important to dispose of them immediately. The recalled products are labeled as Market Pantry White Fudge Animal Cookies, per the FDA. These cookies are sold in an easy to recognize plastic container that resembles a bear. The affected products are labeled with a "best by" date of February 21, 2023, and have the case lot number Y052722. Only products labeled with this information have been found to be affected at this time.

These cookies were distributed to Target stores across the country, and the affected foods have not been found to be present in any single region. The affected foods can be taken back to the store to have a full refund issued. It's important that none of these cookies be consumed due to the possible presence of metal wire. The FDA cautions that foodborne foreign objects can cause serious injury or dental injury if ingested.