Martha Stewart's Rule For Cooking Lobster

If you really want to indulge in some seafood, lobster is the obvious way to go. Whether you enjoy it plain with some butter, in the form of a lobster roll, or made into lobster newburg, any meal with lobster at the center of it can easily be considered a treat. You can find lobster at practically any seafood restaurant, but making it at home can often be a better option if you want to make a specific recipe or just want to take advantage of the lobster tail sale at your grocery store.

As even inexperienced chefs know, cooking lobster involves boiling it in hot water. This may seem simple, but according to New England Today, there's quite a bit that can go wrong, from overcooking the lobster to over-seasoning the water. Adding more than two or three tablespoons per gallon will yield salty results, and cooking lobster until it's 140 degrees on the inside will yield tough and rubbery meat, as the outlet explains. With Martha Stewart's method, however, neither of these issues should be a problem.

Martha Stewart cooks lobster in vodka

To combat over seasoning, Martha Stewart shared in a Facebook Live post that she uses a combination of water and either vodkaoor tequilla. "If you were going to be boiled alive wouldn't you like to have a drink first?" the celebrity chef joked in the video.

Alcohol may seem like a strange addition, but it's no different from adding vodka to pasta sauce. As St. Louis Magazine explains, when the alcohol evaporates out it leaves behind a more robust flavor without much effort. For lobster in particular, it adds another layer of sweet and salty flavor to the meat, and that means you won't have to add as much seasoning to the pot.

Of course, over-seasoning is of no issue if your lobster is too dry to enjoy. "If it's a pound and a quarter fresh from the sea, that's about 13 minutes, up to 18 minutes of cooking," Martha Stewart shared with Food & Wine. "Over 18 minutes, it's overcooked." No one likes overdone extra salty lobster, so as long as you follow the celebrity chef's tips, your home-cooked lobster will have the perfect taste and texture.