This Kitchen Tool Makes Poaching Eggs Easier

While scrambling eggs can make for a no-stress breakfast, poached eggs are a truly luxurious treat, but they can be a little more tricky to prepare. And it seems almost all the big names in the cooking world have weighed in on how to make poaching eggs a painless process. The Pioneer Woman vouches for poaching eggs in the traditional way — which involves creating a whirlpool in your boiling stovetop water to drop your eggs in before removing them with a hole-filled spoon. Julia Child's tip for poached eggs is to first pop a small crack in your egg with a pin and then boil the eggs in their shell.

When trying to achieve the perfect poached egg, no matter your method of preparation, you may find yourself struggling with the troublesome white strings of your egg whites. If so, you're not alone. Renowned cookbook author Sara Moulton told the Associated Press she reportedly struggled with getting rid of the stringy part of egg whites (Moulton explained that egg whites actually have two sections, a hard middle, and a wetter outside) until she discovered a kitchen tool that makes cooking poached eggs a breeze (via Oregon Live).

A strainer is all you need to make poached eggs

Sara Moulton discovered that cracking her eggs into an everyday strainer removes the unwanted parts of the egg white (per Oregon Live). Moulton's hack calls for chefs to add their eggs to a strainer and then slightly lean the kitchen tool to one side before hitting it against something sold. This will cause the extra stringy part of the egg whites to detach and make poaching your eggs child's play.

Moulton isn't the only one in the culinary world advocating for this kitchen strainer hack. Serious Eats also suggests using a strainer as the first step to creating poached eggs without the headache. However, after putting your eggs into the strainer, rather than knocking it on an object, the site recommends simply leaning the strainer side to side until the undesirable wet part of the egg whites drops out. With this trick, the world of poached eggs and all its delicacy will be yours to conquer. And once you've served up everything poached eggs related, you can try setting your sites on an easy way to make another crowd-pleasing favorite, French onion soup.