The Secret Step To Baking Cookies With Crinkly Edges

There are plenty of recipes where you can eyeball the ingredients and get perfect results every time, but cookies aren't one of them. The expression "baking is an exact science," couldn't be truer for the baked good. Forget to fluff the flour or cream the butter and sugar for just the right amount of time, and you could instead end up with something that doesn't resemble a batch of cookies at all.

Textures vary depending on personal preferences and cookie types, but generally speaking, soft on the inside and crisp on the outside is the most ideal. You might assume that in order to achieve this, you need the right combination of ingredients, but the truth is that the physical state of your dough plays an important role too. If you roll the dough into a tight ball, for example, your cookies will be a lot denser, while using a cookie scoop will yield a lighter fluffier cookie. But if you're aiming for cookies with crispy edges, the hack used by bakery chain Crave Cookies may be the answer.

The more jagged the dough, the more crinkly the cookie

Ever wonder how all the bakeries manage to get the perfect texture on their cookies every time? Well, it isn't so much the big commercial oven or the top-secret recipe, but rather how they shape the cookie dough before it goes into the oven. Crave Cookies recently took to TikTok to reveal their method, sharing that they start by weighing their dough into uniform-sized pieces, after which they fold the dough in half to create a new top with a shaggier surface. Once baked, the cookies come out golden and crisp on the outside.

In the 15-second clip, Crave Cookies revealed that their technique actually comes from TikTok creator @cookingwithkarli. And in the original video, Karli shows off just how big of a difference the extra step makes. The cookie made with the halved dough has a visibly crispier exterior, while the other appears to have a softer surface with fewer cracks.