The Type Of Bar Spoon You May Want To Avoid Buying

Any cocktail served on the rocks cries out for a good bar spoon. Negronis, Sazeracs, Penicillins, and Manhattans are begging you to pick the right tool for the job. "Shaken not stirred" is a specific bar instruction for a reason — it's the difference between one cocktail and another, and it can make or break your drink.

When it comes to mixology mastery, you might think of your jigger, your shaker, or even your rocks glasses before you consider a bar spoon as the most important tool in your back bar arsenal. But don't be deceived by the tool's seemingly uncomplicated design; a good bar spoon is efficiently crafted with utility in mind. That's why Jeffrey Morgenthaler of Portland's Clyde Common recommends a twisted or coiled bar spoon for your mixology arsenal. "I steer clear of those sexy spoons without coils," Morgenthaler told Serious Eats, "as they tend to slip around in the grip of wet fingers, which you're often going to have behind the bar." Even for at-home bartenders, twisted, coiled spoons are one of the best mixing tools to own.

Twisted bar spoons are made for mixing

There's a reason the best bars in the world prefer to use twisted bar spoons. According to, the tool is "specifically optimized for cocktail making." The elongated handle fits inside narrow-mouthed containers like shaker tins and highball glasses.

World-renowned craft cocktail bar Death & Co. swears by the spiral-shafted bar spoon, explaining that the twisted bar spoon allows you to stir quickly and fluidly, without adding too much air to the drink (via Serious Eats). Advanced Mixology agrees: As a bartender stirs, the twisted metal doesn't fight against the liquid the way an uncoiled spoon would. Instead, the twists of the spoon complement the flow of the liquor as you stir, resulting in a silky mouthfeel and preventing unnecessary splashing. If you haven't already made the purchase, consider adding a twisted bar spoon to your mixology toolkit. Your after-dinner cocktails will thank you.