The Mess-Free Tool To Use When Scooping Pancake Batter

If you've made pancakes with mixes from the grocery store, you're probably no stranger to stovetop drips, burnt batter, and amoeba-shaped pieces of dough that are fed to the dog or thrown away. Visiting a diner may result in a moment of slack-jawed awe when perfectly uniform stacks are placed in front of you. Perhaps in jealous desperation, you've purchased a special gadget that crossed your late-night TV screen or Instagram feed promising golden, round pancakes worthy of the finest maple syrup. 

The good news is there is not some magical skill or special flapjack school required of diner griddle flippers. If you're on a quest to make photo-worthy pancakes, there's one simple tool you can easily get your hands on — and there's a good chance you already have it in your kitchen drawer. An average of 700,000 pancakes are eaten each year, records National Today, so honing your pancake-making skills could pay off. 

Perfect pancake portioner

The secret to gorgeous griddle cakes is none other than a scooper for your favorite ice cream brand. Specifically, spring-release ice cream scoops can deliver dream-worthy stacks while leaving little mess left behind. Referred to as dishers by those working in the food service industry (probably because they can evenly dish out anything), this versatile kitchen staple is available in a variety of sizes to handle all your pancake-making needs (via Tundra Restaurant Supply).

Using a spring-release scoop can result in perfectly portioned pancakes that are the same size every time. Counting macros and need one-ounce servings? Easy. Want a perfectly aligned stack for an aesthetically pleasing photo? Done. The right ice cream scoop will ensure the batter is set on top of your griddle in even shapes, resulting in predictable cooking times. No more standing around waiting for that extra large pour to be flip-ready as you scramble to clear smaller ones before they burn. Plus, your hands will be clean as you get ready to present perfect pancakes to the hungry breakfast table (via King Arthur Baking Company).