The Best Ice Cream Scoops

These scoops (ice) cream the competition

While it's true that you can handle your ice cream with just a spoon (especially if you're eating directly from the pint), a quality ice cream scoop is a must-have in our book. Not only do they make it easier to dish out that rock-hard rocky road, but they also help achieve camera-ready, perfectly rounded scoops every time. Here are the five best scoops on the market.

All-Around Best: Zeroll Original Scoop ($18.50)

There's a reason Zeroll has been around since 1935. Its scoops are the best of the best, and not much has changed about its design in nearly 80 years. The liquid-filled handle helps warm the scoop to make perfect portions foolproof. Choose from six sizes, or order the standard two-ounce scoop with a custom engraving.

Easiest Release: OXO Ice Cream Scoop Lever ($10)

We're betting this scoop looks familiar, since it's part of OXO's ubiquitous Good Grips line. This scoop gives you a little extra help, with a lever inside helps pop it into your bowl. Great for dishing cookie dough, too.

Best Design: Belle-V ($50)

Not only is this the most stylish of our set, but it's also ergonomically designed with an offset handle, which means you won't have to twist your wrist. Currently available in chrome or black matte, it will soon come in a left-handed version as well. This makes the perfect off-registry wedding or shower gift for any ice cream lover.

Most Creative: Cuisipro Scoop & Stack ($20)

This doesn't really act like a scoop at all. Instead, it plunges into the ice cream and cuts out a uniform cylinder of your favorite flavor. It might not be the first gadget you reach for, but it's ideal for making ice cream sandwiches or sculptural desserts.

Best for Ice Cream Socials: Zak! Designs Chilly Ice Cream Scoop ($15)

If you're going to be doing a lot of scooping, this is the tool to buy. The weighted handle makes it easy to manage, and it comes with a basin so you have a place to store and rinse it before switching flavors. We're partial to the red, but it comes in kiwi green as well.