This Special Mayonnaise Will Enrich Your Tuna Melt

There are ham and cheese sandwiches and then there's the Croque madame. The same can be said about regular ol' hot dogs versus Seattle-style hot dogs. Point is, there's always a fancier version of classic foods that usually contain more ingredients and are richer in taste. And, that goes for a tuna melt too.

What starts out as a regular can of tuna with mayonnaise can easily transform into a sandwich fit for a king or queen. The bread rivals that of a grilled cheese sandwich – soft yet crispy in texture, which also provides a sturdy foundation for the gooey cheese in the middle. This melted goodness gracefully drapes over the tuna mixture without overpowering it, as the final result should still be a tuna sandwich at its core. And, that starts with the basics, primarily, with how the tuna mixture is made.

The process isn't complex. Squeeze out the water or oil from a can of tuna, slather it with a dollop or two of mayonnaise, and season it to taste. Serious Eats also notes that the type of tuna doesn't matter since the mayonnaise is the secret star of the show, enwrapping each flake of tuna with its rich and creamy texture.

One may think that any jar of mayonnaise should do the trick and normally, such logic would be sound. But, if we turn to Japanese cuisine, we'll find a very special mayonnaise that will level up any tuna melt.

Rich and creamy

To say that Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise is like other mayonnaise recipes ought to be a crime. This stuff is packed with rich, tangy, and umami flavor notes, and is packaged in a squeezable bottle that is designed to be drizzled over lots of savory foods and snacks, per Kitchn.

According to the official Kewpie website, this mayo is composed of egg yolks, oil, vinegar, and a very low amount of sodium chloride. They continue to explain that its richness comes from the use of egg yolks rather than whole eggs. MSG, as well as rice vinegar instead of distilled vinegar, also adds a unique aspect to this mayo.

So, how can you enrich your tuna melt with kewpie mayo? Just substitute it for regular mayo, but dial back a little bit since this stuff is sweeter and saltier than traditional mayo recipes. I Am A Food Blog recommends two tablespoons of Kewpie mayo per one can of tuna but you can always add more depending on how rich and creamy you want the tuna mixture to be. The Japanese mayonnaise will add layers of richness, tang, sweetness, and saltiness to your tuna melt, and we highly recommend you give it a try when using canned tuna.