Why You Should Make Milkshakes In A Food Processor

Is there anything involving ice cream that isn't delicious? Whether featured in a sundae or a float, a sandwich or a cake, ice cream's smooth, cold, creamy deliciousness extends far beyond a cone or dish. And of all the creations in which the beloved summertime treat plays a starring role, we might be inclined to choose the milkshake as our favorite.

A classic offering at old-fashioned soda fountains, the milkshake is said to have gotten its start as an alcoholic eggnog-type beverage that, notably, did not contain any ice cream, according to The Nibble. The modern blend of ice cream and milk can be traced to Ivar "Pop" Coulson, a Walgreens employee who, in 1922, whizzed two scoops of ice cream into malted milk — and the rest is history. 

Today, milkshakes are a classic frozen treat around the country and around the world, where they're known, variously, as frappes, velvets, and frosteds. Seeing as how it's so simple to make milkshakes, many dessert lovers choose to whip them up at home when the craving strikes — and will usually reach for their blender to do so. But did you know that superior shakes can be created in a food processor?

Food processor milkshakes come out smoother and fluffier

Anyone who's ever had a blender on the fritz, has likely turned to that handy kitchen appliance, the food processor. A blender works great to create everything from smoothies to puréed soups to pancake batter. But even if your blender is running A-OK, you might want to whip up your next milkshake in your food processor. According to America's Test Kitchen, the food processor is capable of producing a better milkshake for several reasons. 

Firstly, the machine incorporates more air into the shake than a blender does, owing to the fact that its processing bowl is wide and flat, as opposed to tall and narrow. More air means fluffier, frothier, lighter milkshakes. The food processor also turns out a smoother, more sippable shake than a blender does. Since the machine heats up more, it melts more of the ice crystals in the ice cream, keeping the treat cold, while also facilitating its passage through your straw. 

And lastly, for anyone who loves tossing cookies, pretzels, nuts, or candy into a milkshake, the food processor is an ideal tool. While waiting for your carton of ice cream to soften for scooping, just blitz your add-in of choice into slightly smaller pieces before adding your ice cream and milk and proceeding to create your ideal dessert.