Your Milkshakes Will Taste Better With This One Simple Addition

Raise your hand if you love milkshakes! You aren't alone. A lot of people adore the cold, creamy treat. In fact, both chocolate and vanilla milkshakes are so popular that they have their own national holiday — September 12 and June 20, respectively, via Holidays Calendar.

According to RTA Outdoor Living, the most popular milkshake flavor in the U.S. is strawberry. States like California and Illinois love the red berry flavor, while Texans crave pineapple in their shakes. Many flavor combinations make your drinkable dreams come true, like shakes topped with cake, candy, cookies, and crunchy cereal. These fully loaded treats have come a long way since 1922. That's when a Walgreen's employee named Ivan "Pop" Coulson added vanilla ice cream to the store's chocolate milk malt, via Hankering For History. Adding ice cream to the simple malt drink has stood the test of time. Surprisingly, there's a way to elevate your milkshake today.

Just add milk powder

Which ingredient will take your milkshake to the next level? Milk powder, of course! According to PureWow, a milkshake's ingredients and consistency are equally important. The perfect milkshake is thick and velvety smooth, but it's not too thick that you can't sip it through a straw. When it comes to flavor, milk powder is your hero. Level up your milkshake game by blending ice cream, flavorings, milk powder, and fresh milk to create the dreamiest beverage of all time (via PureWow).

According to Nevada Dairy Farmers, powdered milk is just milk in powdered form, and it has a longer shelf life than regular liquid milk and doesn't need refrigeration. Powdered milk is made by removing the water from the milk, so the powder is perfect for blending into milkshakes. The concentrated milk adds a rich, creamy flavor that elevates your frozen treat. Next time you whip up a milkshake, remember the extra ingredient that makes your shake fantastic!