The Girl Scouts Just Introduced A New Thin Mints 'Sister Cookie'

If you're anything like most Americans, your childhood was more than likely punctuated, more than a few times, by a very exciting recurring event: the sale, whether at your school or among your neighbors and friends, of Girl Scout Cookies. As many might already know, the Girl Scouts are a nationwide organization whose local chapters form "troops" of girls from kindergarten through high school in order to pursue fun, character-building extracurricular activities and events. All that aside, what the Girl Scouts represent to dessert-lovers across the country is undoubtedly its array of boxed cookies, which they sell for fundraising for their troops — and have ever since 1917, per Girl Scouts.

Though the lineup has evolved over time, the cookie flavors known to many include the famous chocolate-enrobed Thin Mints, chewy coconut-caramel Samoas, Do-si-dos filled with peanut butter, and shortbread Trefoils (via Girl Scouts). In addition, the Scouts frequently offer new flavors, as they recently did with newcomer Adventurefuls, a chocolate thumbprint filled with caramel creme. And if that's not enough selection for you, you might want to try a new option announced on August 16th by the Scouts in a press release.

The famous Thin Mint gains a raspberry sister

The Girl Scouts just announced the launch of a brand-spanking-new boxed cookie: the Raspberry Rally. Described as a "sister cookie" to perennial favorite Thin Mint, the fruity cookie is pretty much the same, with the crispy wafer infused with raspberry flavor instead of mint and also dipped in a thin layer of chocolate. And while Girl Scout cookies are typically sold in person in schools and among neighbors, the Rally will be the first treat to be marketed online only, improving the e-commerce sales and entrepreneurial abilities of girls, the release notes.

The cookies will be available to customers nationwide during 2023's Girl Scout Cookie season, which typically runs from January through April, depending on the troop's location. As the release points out, cookie season is a fun annual event for Girl Scouts nationwide — and with yet another delicious cookie to devour by the boxful, it's sure to be just as exciting for sweet-toothed customers.