How Long You Should Soak Bread For French Toast

French toast is the perfect Saturday morning breakfast. It takes time to make, but it doesn't demand the entire morning. French toast goes great with other breakfast foods, such as eggs and bacon, and it can be topped with fruit, powdered sugar, or maple syrup (via Insanely Good Recipes). This makes the dish one that is loved by the whole family.

You've probably made French toast a thousand times without ever considering how long to soak the bread. It's a systematic process of dipping and tossing each slice of bread into the frying pan, so little thought is given to the practice; should there be?

The first thing to know: the bread you choose matters when it comes to making French toast. Food Crumbles says the bread should have a close-knit structure so it keeps its shape and doesn't fall apart. Thicker pieces and day-old bread work best when dunked into the wet egg and milk mixture. Thicker slices of bread will yield a custardy center, while thin slices will be more crunchy.

Now that you've chosen the best type of bread for your French toast, it's time to ensure you're soaking it correctly. Here's what you need to know.

Soak instead of dipping

When your family is hungry, you want to get the meal on the table as quickly as possible. Give yourself a few extra minutes for this dish, though. Flavorful French toast results from a little extra time in the kitchen. The few additional minutes will help achieve the bread's crunchy outer layer and custardy inside that you crave.

According to Martha Stewart, French toast should be soaked in an egg mixture for ten minutes on each side of the bread. She recommends day-old or one-inch thick bread such as challah or brioche for a pillowy soft dish. The Kitchn says that the soft, custardy center of the French toast comes from a nice, long egg and milk soak. Make sure to allow the mixture time to absorb into every nook and cranny of the spongy bread.

Don't just dip the bread next time you make French toast. Let it soak up all the custard flavor on each side before tossing it into the pan. Doing this will take your French toast to a whole new level. Bon app├ętit!