​​The Stacked Sandwich That's Named After A Comic Strip Character

Ever sit down to decide on lunch, and can't nail down just what kind of a sandwich you'd want to make? Why limit yourself at all? Why not just make it a Dagwood sandwich? Take whatever you've got, put it between some bread, and top it with an olive on a toothpick, and voila a Dagwood sandwich.

And what is a Dagwood sandwich? In fact, the name doesn't really refer to a particular recipe; the only thing that really makes something a Dagwood sandwich is its size. According to Saveur, the Dagwood takes its name from the character of the same name in the Blondie comic strip and his love for comically oversized sandwiches. Delighted Cooking reports that Dagwood's signature oversized snack would first appear in the comic created by Chic Young in 1936. From there, though, the sandwich's appearance frequently became a running gag. The sandwiches would grow in size enough that they would even necessitate vices, car jacks, and other extreme measures to devour.

The Dagwood sandwich is whatever you make it

What are the necessary qualities of a Dagwood sandwich? Nothing but a large appetite, gastronomic optimism, and a toothpick with an olive on top. According to Delighted Cooking, besides this signature garnish, and lots of sturdy bread to hold your Frankenstein-like monstrosity together there's nothing essential to a Dagwood sandwich. 

Saveur's rendition of the recipe includes, ham, salami, bologna, and turkey along with several types of cheese and condiments layered between rye bread. MyRecipe's version on the other hand comes off as down right cowardly with only turkey and ham along with cucumber, lettuce, and tomato. Another great approach could be to just stick two favorites together. A caprese sandwich stacked on top of roast pork and broccoli rabe? why not? Or throw some fried oysters on top of peanut butter, bacon, and banana too. Your imagination and appetite are the only limiting factors when it comes to this comic inspired culinary treat.