The Unconventional Way To Add A Touch Of Color To Scrambled Eggs

Nothing screams, "Good morning," like a fluffy batch of scrambled eggs. Butter, cream, and, of course, cheese are common add-ins to this popular breakfast food. And when it comes to eggs, you truly can't go wrong, though if you're looking to make your scramble extra creamy, consider Gordon Ramsay's technique. Ramsay adds a dollop of crème fraîche to his eggs, creating an optimal texture that will have you dishing out seconds. So crack open a few eggs and get to whisking.

No matter how you prepare them, you're bound for success — though with the right recipe, you may be able to convert fans of hard-boiled to the scrambled side. In fact, one particular ingredient will give your eggs an appetizing makeover, not in flavor or texture, but in color. Plus, this ingredient is already a breakfast staple, making cooking as easy as it is bright. 

Reserve a few drizzles of the ultimate breakfast drink, and you won't have to scramble for your perfect shade of sunshine.

A splash of orange juice enhances the color of scrambled eggs

Here's where orange juice's namesake lives up to its colorful potential. According to The Kitchy Kitchen, orange juice as a scrambled egg ingredient can give eggs a more saturated color. It's easy enough to add a splash while whisking, and then pour yourself a glass while you wait for your eggs to scramble.

According to their recipe, orange juice not only adds color but also the faintest hint of sweetness. While you can't taste the orange juice outright, it's there ever-so-subtly. And, as Live, Play, Eat explained, some might describe the flavor as more citrusy than sweet. If you don't believe the hype, try it for yourself. With this trick, your breakfast will look, and possibly taste, way more complex than the simple scramble it is.

As for what kind of orange juice to choose, take your pick from any number of grocery store brands. Just make sure to use the juice in a timely manner; orange juice shouldn't be left on the counter for more than two hours.