Why Gordon Ramsay Adds Crème Fraîche To His Scrambled Eggs

Forget kitchen nightmares; scrambled eggs are a daydream. This easy, eggy concoction is best enjoyed in the morning. Scrambled eggs make for a crowd-pleasing breakfast, a delicious topping on toast, and a filling start to your day. Yet for Gordon Ramsay — chef extraordinaire and notorious television personality — scrambled eggs require an upgrade. Per Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Ramsay's standard recipe calls for the addition of crème fraîche: a surprising ingredient intended to enhance the texture of your eggs as much as it will their flavor.

Crème fraîche is soured cream — not to be confused with sour cream. Masterclass explains that both crème fraîche and sour cream consist of pasteurized milk and bacteria, but crème fraîche is thicker and fattier, while sour cream has less fat and is slightly more liquified.

Per Serious Eats, crème fraîche is essentially thickened and acidic cream with as many uses as eggs. Enjoy a generous dollop alongside fresh fruit, atop tacos, or as a thickener to homemade soups. If you're feeling ambitious, you can even whip up your own crème fraîche from home. Simply add buttermilk to the cream and let the mixture settle for roughly twelve hours. But whether you make your crème fraîche from scratch or grab a tub from the grocery store, you'll want to listen to Gordon Ramsay. Incorporate a teaspoon or two into your morning egg ritual for a fancier, fluffier breakfast. Hell's Kitchen could never.

Crème fraîche enhances egg texture, adding a creamy twist

For an extra creamy texture, add a teaspoon of crème fraîche to almost-finished scrambled eggs. Gordan Ramsay's egg recipe calls for eggs, butter, and crème fraîche, as well as chives, salt, and pepper (via Gordon Ramsay Restaurants). The crème fraîche is not to be added immediately, however. Rather, wait until a minute before your eggs finish cooking. Ramsay suggests adding one teaspoon for every six eggs. Doing so will yield an optimal texture.

Ramsay's not the only one to suggest this technique. Food Network's scrambled egg recipe likewise calls for the addition of crème fraîche, as well as heavy cream. It's up to you to decide what form of cream you want to add, depending on how fluffy you like your eggs. Once you perfect your scrambled eggs' texture, you can experiment with other additions. If you're feeling innovative, add some garlic to take your scrambled eggs up a notch as a part of your quest for the perfect scrambled egg recipe

Oh, and if you're worried your tub of crème fraîche will go to waste, fear not. Once you finish breakfast, get creative to incorporate the absolute best ways to use crème fraîche into your repertoire. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, you can't go wrong.