Over 40% Of People Prefer To Cook Their Eggs This Way

Eggs are a near universal breakfast staple. It's easy to see why. There's a variety of approaches one can take towards them and then, once a style of egg has been determined, there's all kinds of ingredients that can either be chucked inside the eggy concoction or laid alongside the dish.

But what kind of eggs do people actually eat? If there are so many options, surely some are more popular than others. Tasting Table decided to ask its readership what it considered the best way to cook eggs was.

Of the 515 respondents, only 8.74% preferred their eggs poached. The next two managed to clear the double digit mark, but just barely. Fried eggs were considered the best by 10.49% while 13.98% wanted their eggs hard boiled.

The second most popular method for cooking eggs was twice as popular as that. Over easy eggs found favor with 25.63% of the survey respondents. However, it could not touch the most popular egg treatment.

They all scrambled behind scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs was easily the most popular way to cook an egg, with 41.17% approval from voters. Interestingly, though, Pantry and Larder found that when looking at egg-based Google trends for states, scrambled eggs was the least represented with only 5 states searching for it the most.

That discrepancy, however, may be put down to the reason why it is also the most popular egg cooking method. Namely, it is really easy. At its most basic, all you have to do is crack an egg and beat it up while it cooks.

That ease is seen in how wide-spread scrambled eggs are. Versions of the dish appear in Nigeria, Iran, and India, as well as the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. Food Timeline even credits the Ancient Romans with inventing scrambled eggs, though they claim it was an omelet which they also credit Persia with inventing — it's very confusing. In short, scrambled eggs is a basic dish that anyone can pick up and find some way of making it their own.