Ranking Svedka Flavors From Worst To Best

Svedka vodka bottles are instantly recognizable, thanks to the bright, rainbow-colored packaging and minimalist white logo. These bottles look devastatingly handsome on your home bar and are also super functional. Even Svedka's more creative flavor combos have multiple mixed drink applications and taste just as nice when served on ice or neat (if you want to be a purist about it).

Svedka prioritizes fruity and sweet flavors for its vodka mixes. Most of them convey a cohesive taste message without bombarding your palate with sweetness or artificial tastes. Even when Svedka steps out of the box into spicier territory with bottles like grapefruit jalapeño, it still hits the mark. So if you've been looking for a few new bottles of Sweden's finest import to add to your liquor shelf, this list will help you perfect your boozy shopping list. Of course, you can always pick up Svedka's pre-mixed drinks for a little variety, too.

18. Peach

Sugary Svedka peach is fine in fruity Fuzzy Navels, but its saccharine flavor profile limits its ability to do much else. Unfortunately, peach isn't a powerful flavor either, lacking the puckery punch of lemon vodka or the practical application of pure, flavorless Svedka. It's got a small range, and it's a bit too cloying to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. It's certainly not something you'll be sipping all day long.

Svedka peach's saving grace is its dry finish, a nice counterbalance to its forward sweetness. If you don't mind peach-heavy flavors with more than a tinge of artificial taste, you could enjoy one ice-cold on a summer's day. But, ultimately, Svedka peach lands near the bottom of the list because there's not much you can do with it, it reads far too sweet, and it's more of a frat-house spirit than a serious player on your home bar.

17. Pure Infusions Strawberry Guava

While Pure Infusions strawberry guava is not currently in production, you can still find it at several big-box booze retailers, although you might want to give it a pass for one of Svedka's better offerings. As part of Svedka's Pure Infusions line of low-calorie, carb, and sugar-free options, strawberry guava clocks in at an impressive 60 proof (via The Spirits Business). It sounds like a good trade-off; you can imbibe your high-octane booze and keep your diet intact, too. But, unfortunately, strawberry guava falls flat in the taste department.

It is, for lack of a better term, meh. Neither the strawberry nor guava are pronounced or bold enough. Instead, this Pure Infusions flavor is a chaotic, sugary mystery with curious notes of bubblegum and berry. You'll get a little bit of pepper at the end, but it's not enough to make things exciting or adequately nuanced.

16. Svedka Orange Cream Pop

Svedka orange cream pop is widely available, although the distillery itself no longer makes it. It's an orange creamsicle in a glass, full of artificial, but not entirely unpleasant, orange flavor and plenty of velvety mouthfeel. Unfortunately, the oranges aren't super punchy, playing a backseat to the cream, so true citrus lovers might want to give this one a pass. On the other hand, pick up a bottle if you want a boozy equivalent of your summertime childhood ice cream treat.

Svedka orange cream pop suffers from practical issues. It tastes relatively sweet, so even the feistiest sugar fiends might have a problem drinking more than a few shots on the rocks. It's also not a good universal mixer, pairing well with seltzers and more neutral bases but failing to play well with anything else. If you're looking for a novelty bottle of booze or making a specific cocktail, Svedka orange cream pop works. If not, it's best to leave this on the shelf.

15. Svedka Vanilla

Although it's no longer in production, Svedka vanilla is still on numerous shelves nationwide. It's a smooth, buttery nod to rich vanilla flavor and perfect for spiking your hot chocolate or stirring into your next dessert martini. Svedka vanilla walks the line between sweet and cloying, with a nice nod to authentic vanilla flavor and a touch of whipped cream in the mix. Although it might be too much on the rocks or neat, Svedka vanilla is a great mixing vodka with plenty of potential.

The finish is a slight problem. While many Svedka vodkas have a nice, dry end note, Svedka vanilla continues to come in hot and sweet well into the last drops, leaving you with a syrupy mouthfeel and aftertaste. It's a shame because other than the rough end, Svedka vanilla succeeds where many other vanilla vodkas fail by keeping things nice and sweet but truly vanilla.

14. Citron

Svedka citron is milder than other citrus-heavy vodkas, with tons of lemons, limes, and orange flavor. The vodka's muted elements might surprise some, though. If you expect a puckery draught of pure orange from sip one, you'll be thrown. However, this quality makes Svedka citron a more amiable mixer. The vodka itself has a luxe, satiny mouthfeel and plenty of tropical notes, as well as some residual sugar that keeps it from being too sweet or too burning on the end.

It's excellent with grapefruit or orange juice, and it works well as an added alcoholic element to your next mimosa. Where Svedka citron stumbles a bit is in taste. Although there are plenty of citrus and tropical fruit notes in the mix, none of them really stand out. You'll get some vague pineapple, touches of lime, and a hint of orange here and there, but it's not enough to be memorable.

13. Svedka Strawberry Colada

Svedka doesn't produce strawberry colada anymore, but you can still find it. This niche flavor combines pineapple, coconut, and strawberry into a delicate and island-worthy blend of ripe summery flavors that all manage to be distinct. Although the strawberry is definitely dominant, pineapple and coconut shine through beautifully, balanced perfectly on a foundation of sweetness that never veers into the overwhelming territory.

Although strawberry colada has an outstanding balance of flavors and hits the mark with its three signature notes, it's not a very practical vodka. Mix it with bubbling seltzer water or fruit juice for a nice blend, or stir it into a fruity dessert martini for a low-key tropical twist, but not much else. It also pales compared to some of Svedka's other flavors, like raspberry, which has a bright and bold juicy punch. So while strawberry colada is delicate and distinct, it's a bit of a one-trick pony.

12. Svedka Clementine

Although not produced any longer, Svedka clementine is a sippable, easy-going vodka that you can pick up at almost every major retailer. It's a pleasant diversion from more citrus-forward flavors and will lend sweet notes of sugary clementine and a touch of vanilla to your cocktails. Svedka clementine is a dreamy addition to sweeter boozy drinks, perking up fruit martinis with its subtle notes of citrus, and it works well with seltzers and even lime-based sodas, too.

Since Svedka clementine has a lighter mouthfeel and more delicate flavors, you can enjoy it on ice or neat with just a smidge of lime or a single orange peel curl. It finishes smooth and dry, with very little lingering flavors. It's also more versatile than you would expect, working well with different mixers. Incorporate this into your home bar when you want a nice diversion from citron or other fruit vodkas.

11. Pure Infusions Dragonfruit Melon

Svedka pure infusions dragonfruit melon vodka is one of the better options of its pure infusions line, with lots of graceful notes of sweet, understated melon and tropical dragonfruit laced throughout each sip. Staying true to form, dragonfruit melon is sugar-free and low-calorie (via The Spirits Business), a refreshing sip that works well ice-cold and neat or on the rocks. It's also affable and agile enough to melt seamlessly into your next drink, lending a cool kick to seltzers or martinis.

Dragonfruit melon works so well because it allows two refined flavors to shine through individually without overloading the drinker's palate with sugar. Melon and dragonfruit are naturally less potent fruity tastes that will get lost in the burn or brashness of other vodkas. Svedka Pure Infusions dragonfruit melon also plays well with other Svedka offerings, allowing more prominent flavors to shine while still maintaining its integrity.

10. Cherry Limeade

Svedka's cherry limeade is a sharp and zesty homage to your favorite gas station Slurpees, and if you're looking for a boozy take that will take you on a one-way trip down nostalgia lane, this is a good pick. Although both the cherry and lime are intense, this vodka flavor has nothing out of balance. Instead, you'll get ripe, full-bodied cherry flavor shining through in each sip, with just a tiny touch of lime to open up the flavors and make them sing. It's divine with a few ice cubes or whiskey rocks, or you can enjoy it neat and ice cold.

Cherry limeade also works well with Coca-Cola, mimicking the flavors of a Cherry Coke with additional pucker at the end. If you want more lime in your life and your drink, stir it into lime or lemon seltzer and finish off the bubbly beverage with a wedge or two of lime.

9. Pure Infusions Ginger Lime

Svedka no longer produces its Pure Infusions line, but you can still grab yourself a refreshing bottle of ginger lime vodka. This vodka is soft and round, a textural composition that complements vivacious lime and spicy ginger. It would be easy to go overboard on these flavors, but Svedka plays it cool by giving the lime and ginger plenty of room to flourish in each taste while keeping the base of the vodka silky smooth, and neutral. The result is a bold but drinkable vodka that works with seltzers and lime sodas.

It's easily the most successful addition to the Pure Infusions line and an excellent low-calorie, sugar-free option for people who want the biggest bang for their boozy buck. However, despite the low sugar, ginger lime manages to tread the line between sour and sweet expertly, and you will get a slight residual sweetness at the end.

8. Strawberry Lemonade

Svedka strawberry lemonade vodka has tons of wild strawberry notes and a lemon-forward, sugary dose of lemonade against Svedka's trademark neutral spirit. It's a celebration of all things summer and is an ideal sipping vodka. You can mix strawberry lemonade with seltzers or juice, but there's really no reason to dull or muddy the flavors. Instead, enjoy it straight up and ice cold, with a few sliced strawberries in the bottom of your rocks glass for good measure.

One of the most exciting aspects of strawberry lemonade is its slow, smooth burn. Sometimes fruitier vodkas can finish far too sweet or crash hard into fiery territory on the back end. Svedka strawberry lemonade maneuvers around both of these pitfalls, providing drinkers with a smooth-as-glass comedown from the indulgent and robust flavors of lemonade and wild strawberries. It's a fun, even-keel ride for the whole sip, and we're totally here for it.

7. Svedka Grapefruit Jalapeno

Svedka's punchy and potent grapefruit jalapeño may be out of production, but it's still widely present on liquor store shelves across the country. This vodka flavor is a must "get it while you can" drink featuring plenty of tasty grapefruit and a spicy kick from the jalapeño that manages to be both very present and not overly full-on at the same time. According to The Spirits Business, grapefruit jalapeño capitalized on the growing trend of spiciness and sweetness.

Instead of going full-on with the sweetness like many vodkas, Svedka opted to pair its pepper with equally rich grapefruit, a bold move that paid off tremendously. This spirit is exceptionally good for sipping completely straight, and a tiny touch of water opens up the flavors even more. Although you can add it to seltzer or even dream up some crafty cocktails, why mess with perfection?

6. Blue Raspberry

Svedka's popular blue raspberry is a slightly less successful iteration of its raspberry vodka, with a bit more bite and a whole lot of citrus on end. It's mildly reminiscent of tart and sweet blue raspberry candies, and that nostalgic bent is part of the charm. Blue raspberry has a slightly jammy, bold flavor profile with notes of bubblegum laced throughout the blend and a lemony, citrus blast near the tail end. However, despite these bold flavors, they don't jockey for prominence in the drink. Instead, each has its place and seems to complement the others.

If you love big and hearty tart flavors, by all means, enjoy blue raspberry on ice or neat. A little tonic water or seltzer tones things down nicely, especially if you splash a little blue raspberry in a highball glass with plenty of ice. Best of all, it has a flavor combo that most people will enjoy, so you'll never be out of place bringing blue raspberry to your next party.

5. Vodka 100

According to The Spirits Business, Svedka 100 is precisely what it sounds like; a smooth, high-octane, 100-proof vodka with an incredible, refreshing palate and a pleasant mouthfeel. In fact, it goes down so smooth that you might forget how potent it is. Svedka 100 doesn't play with intense flavors or gimmicks, instead relying on the standard Svedka flavor formula of multiple-distilled wheat and water. It finishes nicely, with surprisingly little burn for its potency, making it a decent vodka for carefully sipping on a hot day.

Like most neutral vodkas, you can also mix Svedka 100 into your classic cosmo or highball drink. It's also a fab addition to martinis, lending a touch of fire to briny olives and vermouth. Although you won't get a different taste than you would with Svedka classic vodka, you will get a higher alcohol content, making this Svedka treat a versatile addition to your bar.

4. Mango Pineapple

Svedka's mango pineapple vodka would be a sugar bomb in less skilled distillation hands, but thanks to savvy processing and a light hand with the flavors, it avoids this trap. Instead, it's a slice of fruity paradise, vivacious and lovely, with prominent pineapple and juicy mango playing off each other. Svedka mango pineapple is simply saturated with juice and tang, and the natural sweetness of the mangos gives it several more dimensions of flavor.

If you've avoided fruity vodkas because of the artificial taste, Svedka mango pineapple will make you a believer again. Plus, it's equally good on the rocks as it is in mixed drinks. So whether you're pairing it with a grapefruit seltzer or swapping it in for citron in a screwdriver or mimosa, mango pineapple will graciously let the mixer do its thing while providing a tart and tasty tropical tang that elevates rather than overwhelms.

3. 80 Proof Vodka

Svedka's original 80-proof vodka is an elegant, simple sip full of soft wheaty taste and a smooth finish. You'll get the typical vodka burn at the end, but it's never over-the-top or lingering. Instead, this vodka finishes fast, silky, and clean. It's got a good mix of roundness and crispness, too, so you can drink it splashed atop some whiskey rocks or a towering glass of ice. Even diluted, Svedka's original maintains its integrity.

Svedka's original goes with everything. Even more delicate mixers don't get overpowered when graced with a shot or two of Svedka, thanks to its balanced formula and overall pleasant taste. It's ubiquitous, consistently good, and a must-have for your home bar. It's also a good vodka for novices or non-vodka lovers who might fear the fiery finish of lesser products. If you drink it straight, make sure to give Svedka some love with an orange wheel or citrus spritz.

2. Cucumber Lime

Cucumber vodkas are way underrated. They tend to be exceptionally versatile and smooth, working well with Moscow Mules and even Bloody Mary's, but often get overlooked for bolder and more out-of-the-box flavor combos. Fortunately, Svedka understood the power of the humble cucumber and paired it with a zesty splash of citrus for a true tour-de-force. It's easily one of the company's best vodkas and one you will want to get your hands on yesterday.

Svedka cucumber lime is an exemplary example of how pairing cucumber vodka with tangy citrus can make the most out of both flavors while still keeping that easygoing, pair-with-everything profile. Drink it neat, and you'll find bright lime at the beginning, fading seamlessly into cooling cucumber as you work your way through the sip. The end is clean and pleasant, with a nice crispness and another slight note of lime to round out the drink.

1. Raspberry

Svedka raspberry tops the list because of its expert layering of raspberry flavors, utility, and drinkability. It's jammy and delectable, with oodles of pure raspberry flavors in every sip. With a great combination of full-on fruit, crispness, and a warm, luxe finish, Svedka raspberry never tastes artificial or overwhelming. It's just a nice homage to everyone's favorite berry with no sugary overcompensation or competing flavors.

Unlike Svedka's blue raspberry, it doesn't have a citrusy note on the end, but it really doesn't need it. Beautiful on the rocks or stirred into a tall glass of iced tea, Svedka raspberry is your at-home bar secret weapon. You can mix it into savory cocktails, like Bloody Mary's, for some additional tartness that plays off rich tomato flavors and spice. Splash Svedka raspberry into a rocks glass with sliced strawberries and mint for a powerful but balanced cocktail that's bound to please everyone.