Svedka's New Product Line Doesn't Need A Mixer

Plenty of American consumers know Svedka for their vodka, but the Swedish spirits manufacturer is also making a name for itself with hard seltzers. Soon, as PRNewswire reports, the company may be known for both simultaneously with the debut of Svedka Tropics Tea Spritz, which combines vodka, tea, sparkling water, and natural tropical fruit flavors in an easy-drinking can. "This is the summer of Svedka," claims Billy Lagor, senior vice president of brand management. "With our new Vodka Tea Spritz, Svedka Tropics is filling the consumer need for a different type of spirits-based hard seltzer."

As Vine Pair notes, its combination of low-carbs, low-calories, and low-alcohol makes hard seltzers a perfect alternative to beer. Not surprisingly then, Svedka's three new summer-friendly Tropics Tea Spritz flavors — Pineapple Guava, Raspberry Kiwi, and Orange Mango — all check in at 5% ABV, or roughly the same alcohol content as the average beer. The three flavors will be packaged together in variety 8-packs, which will sell for a recommended sticker price of $19.99, four-packs, which go for $12.99 SRP, and single cans for $2.99.

Svedka is mixing it up in the competitive hard seltzer market

Svedka's vodka based hard seltzers are clearly being marketed as cool sippers for summer 2022, but as summer approaches, the question has to be asked: Are hard seltzers still hot? Forbes thinks so, reporting not only that the hard seltzer is expected to keep on growing, but that the trendy beverage sector has already topped over $4.1 billion in annual sales, leading Anheuser-Busch to label it "Beyond Beer." Hard seltzer's growth also seems to be driving the growth of a related beverage sector: That of the premixed canned cocktail. According to CNBC, the premixed cocktail category grew by 50% from 2019 to 2020.

Svedka's new Tropics Tea Spritz drinks are thus hoping to capitalize on the popularity of the two market sectors by merging the attractions of both, offering the alcohol-fueled sparkling water component that defines hard seltzer, while also delivering the vodka and vibrant flavors expected in a premixed canned cocktail. Per PRNewswire, Tropics Tea Spritz needs no mixers, and can be served chilled or poured over ice in a cocktail glass.