Martha Stewart's Refreshing Summer Cocktail Uses Only 4 Ingredients

In a journey that took her from fashion model to stockbroker and then to the kingpin of home style, entertaining etiquette, and creative cuisine, Martha Stewart helms one of the most iconic and successful lifestyle brands and media companies of all time. Entrepreneur magazine dubbed her "America's Guru of Good Taste."

Everyone who loves great food, beautifully set tables, fussy floral bouquets, or gorgeous parties has likely flipped through one of her many books or magazines, per Serendipity Social. Stewart frequents daytime and talk show television in guest spots and live segments, and is the star of her own Emmy-award-winning show. She has invited celebrity friends like Snoop Dog, Brunello Cucinelli, Pete Davidson, Jacques Pepin, and countless celebrity chefs to join her in the kitchen. At 80 years old, her eye on reinvention makes her more popular and hip than ever before. So, when a lady like this suggests a favorite summer cocktail, people listen.

The Cointreau Kiss, according to Martha Stewart

Recently, Martha posted "a new and delectable summer drink" on her official MarthaStewart48 Instagram page. As simple as the recipe is, its top-shelf ingredients are classic Martha. Calling the craft cocktail a Cointreau Kiss, Steward blends just four ingredients together for the refreshing summer sipper.

Gather the ingredients, a cocktail shaker, and strainer, if you have one. Or, in true Martha style, get creative and use a wooden spoon as a muddler and strainer, and a mason jar to mix your drink.

Muddle two slices of orange. Add two parts Cointreau orange liqueur, and one part Casa Dragones blanco tequila. Give the liquid a good shake. Pour the blend into a prepared glass filled with ice and top the drink with sparkling mineral water. Martha suggests that you can "'gild the lily' and sugar rim the glass" using raw sugar. With a drink this delicious, consider making a pitcher full.