Martha Stewart Fans Are Thirsty For New Wine Collab

Early this morning, Martha Stewart took the time to remind her fans that the chardonnay made in a partnership between her and 19 Crimes is set to release soon. "Stock up," her Instagram account commanded in a post of terse prose. "It will be your favorite wine. It's very well balanced. No heavy oak. No cloying butter. Yummy," she continued.

The wine was announced earlier this month in a press release shared with Wine Industry Advisor. On February 1, bottles of Martha's Chard will be released nationwide for the price of $11.99. The remaining 10-day wait may prove burdensome to many, however. "Can't wait!!" one person wrote. Another elaborated with "[I] will buy anything with Martha on it."

People who live in California, however, have had access to the wine since early January. "Love it! Just bought [my second] bottle," one pleased customer wrote. 

To whet your appetite further, we can turn to Cheap Wine Finder, which describes the taste of Martha's Chard as "like green apple, lemon, orange blossom honey, and butterscotch. The mid-palate adds peach mixed with lime, melon, a salty/nutty 'on-lees' sensation, and nectarine and guava." Now suffer for the next week. Ha!

From stealing to Stewart

The partnership with Martha Stewart marks a new point in the expansion of the popular wine brand. Originally, as they explain on their website, 19 Crimes was named after the 19 crimes that could cause a person to be deported from England to Australia. These crimes included various forms of stealing, setting fire to the undergrowth of a forest, and bigamy.

More recently, however, the emphasis has been on bold characters and achievement. First, there was the partnership with Snoop Dogg, who enjoys a friendship with Martha Stewart. The explanation they gave in the description of their Snoop Dogg Cali Red is that "Times were tough but these individuals were tougher and they overcame adversity and insurmountable odds to ultimately claim redemption."

Similarly, Stewart is highlighted because she is "a self-made icon who built a domestic empire" (per 19 Crimes). However, when you have Stewart on your label, you can market yourself as you please.