Starbucks' Fall 2022 Menu May Have Just Been Leaked

It's no secret that hoards of latte lovers and espresso enthusiasts nationwide wait with bated breath for the release of limited-time menu items at the world's largest coffeehouse chain, Starbucks (via Zippia). The demand for the company's seasonal offerings — particularly its pumpkin-infused fall beverages — has reached such a frenzy that one sleuthy Starbucks went through the effort of leaking the chain's fall menu early.

The sneak peek, which was posted by Instagram user and snack food enthusiast Markie_devo and the fall-centric account Halloweenloversclub, features what appears to be leaked images of the coffee chain's Autumnal offerings. The source of the menu apparently came from within the company, as the poster wrote: "Huge shoutout to the awesome employee for blessing us with this menu."

The seasonal beverages featured in the images include the company's uber-popular (if slightly controversial) Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) (which is made with espresso, steamed milk, pumpkin, and warm spices), Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew (sweetened with vanilla syrup and topped with pumpkin cream cold foam), and a "reformulated" version of the Apple Crisp Oatmilk Macchiato (featuring espresso, oat milk, and spiced apple drizzle), which first debuted last fall (via Thrillist).

According to the post, the chain will also be offering the following ground and brewed coffee blends throughout the season: Guatemala Casi Cielo, Reserve Zambia Ngoli Estate, Reserve Vietnam Da Lat, and Reserve Hawai'i Ka'u.

The price of the chain's popular PSL will be going up

As for the fall-friendly baked goods heading to Starbucks stores, the Instagram post indicates that the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin (a spiced, pumpkin-flavored muffin filled with sweetened cream cheese and topped with caramelized pepitas) and Pumpkin Scone with sweet icing will both be making their returns.

The only new fall item teased in the leaked list is the owl cake pop, a kid-friendly — and, admittedly, adorable — bird-shaped vanilla cake pop coated in purple chocolate-flavored icing. In sad news for PSL enthusiasts, the poster also claimed that the cost of the pumpkin-flavored latte is increasing by 80 cents in order to fund a company-wide raise for employees, which is going into effect on August 1 (via Starbucks).

When asked about the accuracy of the leaked menu, representatives from Starbucks played coy, writing: "We're not quite ready to welcome fall and are still enjoying the last sips of summer, like the vibrant and colorful Starbucks Refreshers beverages." If the menu leaker's intel is correct, the chain's fall menu will be available at Starbucks locations nationwide beginning on August 30, about a week later than last year's fall menu drop (yet nearly a full month before the actual start of the season). And if you just can't wait until then to get your hands on a PSL, you can always make your own pumpkin-infused drink at home in the meantime.