Why You Should Incorporate Flavor Extracts To Your Morning Coffee

Flavored coffee is creamy, sometimes sweet or savory, and always delicious. According to Coffee Affection, 66% of Americans drink coffee daily, and cappuccinos and lattes are the most popular coffee beverages. It's safe to say that Americans love their morning (or afternoon) cup of joe.

Picking up a cup of coffee on the way to work may sound like a good idea if you're in a rush (after all, they have your favorite flavored syrups). But over time, this treat becomes expensive. According to an article on Yahoo!, the average coffee bill at Starbucks, Peet's Coffee, and McDonald's is $12. Green Mountain tops it off at $15 per visit. That's a lot of fancy coffee drinks, right?

However, there's a way you can create delicious coffee beverages at home without spending all the extra dough. Just head to your kitchen pantry and add a few things that can help spice up your morning coffee.

Flavor extracts make your morning sweeter

Driftaway Coffee says that drinking just one cup of coffee at home per day could save you over $416 over a year. So, how can you make a sweet or savory coffee drink at home? Coffee Affection recommends adding cinnamon, nutmeg, or clove to your brew. Extracts are yet another way to enhance your coffee. Coffee Affection says flavored extracts like peppermint or almond combined with milk or half-and-half make a delicious, sweet latte. Coffee Affection also recommends adding ice cream, honey, coconut milk, or condensed milk to your coffee.

Do you enjoy those classic vanilla coffee drinks? McCormick recommends adding two teaspoons of vanilla extract and brown sugar to a pot of coffee. The site also suggests topping your cup of coffee with whipped cream or more sugar. If you prefer a refreshing cup of joe, try a mazagran. Add a splash of fresh lemon or lime juice or carbonated lemon soda over espresso for a citrusy twist.

Want to enhance your cup of java with an aromatic twist? Nurtured Homes says adding dried lavender flowers to your coffee is as easy as combining coffee grounds and the dried flowers in a French press to brew. Flavored extracts work to enhance the flavor of coffee and provide you with that café flavor, without the high prices. So, next time you brew a pot of coffee, don't forget to add your favorite flavor.