The Avocado Salsa To Try If You're Tired Of Guacamole

When most people think about the use of avocados in Mexican food, it's usually in the form of guacamole. The condiment is versatile enough to be served with all kinds of dishes, it tastes good with only a few ingredients, and it's a great alternative to spicier salsas if you can't handle the heat. In Mexican cuisine, however, guacamole is just one of four equally delicious classic avocado-based condiments.

As Mexican Please shares, avocado is also used to make creamy avocado sauce, avocado salsa verde, and salsa de aguacate. Each of these sauces varies in consistency, with guacamole being the thickest, followed by creamy avocado sauce, a spread that consists of avocado, yogurt, and either mayonnaise or cream. Next comes avocado salsa verde, made exactly like salsa verde but with the addition of avocado, and the thinnest of all is salsa de aguacate, which contains many of the same ingredients as guacamole, but blended with water.

Try combining salsa de aguacate and Venezuelan guasacaca

If you're looking for a new way to incorporate avocado into your dish that doesn't taste anything like guacamole, then salsa de aguacate, or a similar Venezualan version of it known as guasacaca are the best options. Whereas guacamole relies primarily on cilantro and lime for flavor, salsa de aguacate and guasacaca are a bit more complex, thanks to a few extra ingredients. Salsa de aguacate, as Muy Delish shares, includes tomatillos and serrano pepper in addition to traditional guacamole ingredients, while guasacaca, according to Serious Eats, introduces parsley, green bell pepper, and vinegar to the mix. Bon Appétit's hybrid version of the two packs in even more flavor with poblano chiles, tomatillos, and garlic.

For best results, Bon Appétit recommends first roasting the vegetables in the oven to further develop the flavor, before combining them with the rest of the ingredients. Once blended together, you'll get a smooth, flavor-packed salsa that rivals any basic guacamole recipe.