Why You Should Never Buy Black Strawberries

You may have seen the beautiful white Japanese strawberries that are trending online. One TikTok video claims that the white berries are the most expensive, commercially-grown strawberry available. Southern Living also notes that there are over 50 varieties of white strawberries and a few hybrids. Depending on the variety, these white berries tend to be sweeter than red or other colored strawberries. Regardless of color, all strawberries contain vitamin C, iron, zinc, and other vitamins and minerals that help support the body's immune system (via Web MD).

The rave about white strawberries may leave you wondering what other unique fruits exist. Online retailers are keen to capitalize on this consumer curiosity, with many offering uncommon fruits and seeds in eye-catching colors for purchase online. It is important, however, to do your research before buying these products, especially with unusual food items. Here's why you should never buy black strawberries or black strawberry seeds.

Black Strawberries Don't Exist

Plant Carer says that while dark strawberries exist, they are a very dark purple and not jet black. The first faux black strawberry was created by John Robertson for the photographer Jonathan Knowles more than 20 years ago (via Laid Back Gardener). It was made of resin and black spray paint. Perhaps this is where the black strawberry rumor began?

Real strawberries can and do grow in several colors. Yet, Nu Plant Care warns that black strawberries don't exist, so don't fall for this scam. The site also recommends avoiding any online seller claiming to sell black strawberry seeds. Nu Plant Care recommends only buying from reputable sellers that offer legitimate seeds that bear real fruit. If you're disappointed to learn that black strawberries don't exist, take heart. According to Seeds and Spades, you can find strawberries that grow naturally in many other colors, including red, yellow, white, and purple.