What Makes White Strawberries So Unique

Strawberries are about as identifiable with summer as Fourth of July and picnics. Whether you use them in a bruschetta appetizer, fresh breakfast to kickstart your day, as an addition to a great sangria, or as a sweet cobbler for dessert, this versatile berry is a delicious hot weather staple.

Your average grocery store strawberries start out as small, green berries then turn white before they eventually ripen to that sweet flavor and signature red color. At first glance, white strawberries may appear to have just been picked too early, and you might pass right over them. However, certain white strawberries are actually a different plant altogether. These berries have been spotted at grocery stores like Aldi, Costco, and Publix (via Elite Daily). You may be tempted to do a taste test but don't know much about them. Here is what makes white strawberries so different from the common red varieties.

They have a different flavor profile

True white strawberries are actually a variation of the typical red ones, explains Taste of Home. They were created to be softer and sweeter than their red counterparts, creating a flavor similar to pineapple. These berries lack the usual red pigment due to an absence of anthocyanin, caused by reduced sunlight during growth (via Taste of Home). The White Jewel, which was created in Japan, is the most well-known white strawberry. However, it is also one of the most expensive. Just one berry can cost up to $10 (via Southern Living).

If you are tempted by the taste but want something a little more affordable, pineberries are a great alternative. These berries are considered descendants of strawberries and were not genetically modified to have a white color and tropical flavor (via Stark Bros.). Additionally, pineberries are more widely available than White Jewels. Another option is "Tropical Bliss" berries. They are white and yellow in color with flavor hints of pineapple and passionfruit.

The next time you see white strawberries in your grocery store's produce department, try picking some up for a whole new flavor experience.