Before Entering Drumstick's Ice Cream Tattoo Contest, Read The Fine Print

How better to express your eternal love of the peanutty, chocolatey goodness we know as the Drumstick ice cream cone than to memorialize it in ink ... forever? 

On July 8, 2022, the venerable Dr. Umstick (@Drumstick) announced a contest in which participants can win a lifetime supply of delicious Drumstick ice cream cones. Dr. Umstick tweeted, "I love my Drumstick so much that I got a tattoo of one. Show your love by doing the same by 7/31 and you could win a year's supply of Drumstick."

The Drumstick was invented by brothers I.C. and J.T. Parker in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1928, according to Ohio State University. What distinguished it from other prepackaged ice cream treats was an innovation developed by the food scientists at Ohio State: coating the inside of the ice cream cone with a thin layer of chocolate to keep the cone fresh and crunchy. (By the way, if you can't get your hands on a Drumstick, try this trick to keep your ice cream from leaking through the cone and making it soggy.)

Now, you can win a year's supply of the tasty treat. But be sure to read the fine print of the contest first.

It's all in the details

Before you make that tattoo appointment, there are a few details in the contest rules that may interest fans of the Drumstick. First, there will be five contest winners chosen at random from eligible entrants. Participants must post a picture of their tattoo, along with the hashtag #DrumstickInk, on either Twitter or Instagram by July 31, 2022.

The prize of a lifetime supply of Drumsticks will be delivered as a package containing 12 eight-pack boxes of Drumsticks, along with 40 coupons for Drumsticks. The total value of the prize is $441.48.

Here's the most important fine print, though: The tattoos can be real or temporary! Entrants can choose to permanently ink their Drumstick love, or they can opt for a temporary tattoo that lasts as long as a Drumstick on a hot July day. Other details govern the contest, too, so it's wise to read up on the rest of the fine print. 

And, if you're looking for a little inspiration for your tattoo, check out our list of the best ice cream cones on Instagram