This Trick Will Prevent Ice Cream From Leaking Through The Cone

We can't think of any summertime dessert more delicious, more craveable, more nostalgia-inducing than ice cream. Whether your warm weather indulgence of choice is a swirl of soft serve, a scoop of vegan chocolate, or a no-holds-barred ice cream sundae, this cooling, creamy treat is delicious in pretty much all its forms.

Whether you love to slurp ice cream at your local scoop shop or prefer to down a brand purchased at the grocery store in the comfort of your own home, many agree that a fun way to pep up any ice cream is to plop it on top of a cone. There are many different cone styles that you may prefer from airy wafer (aka cake), crunchy sugar, to salty pretzel (via WebstaurantStore). These crispy delights add a contrasting textural element to the ice cream and, of course, make the treat to-go — all the better for summertime strolls. But if you've ever been faced with the disappointing (and sticky) phenomenon of melted ice cream leaking through the bottom of the cone, read on because we've got just the tasty trick to nip those leaks in the bud.

Pack some PB into the bottom of your cone

Is there anything peanut butter can't do? From its indispensable role in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the creaminess it lends to noodle-ready peanut butter sauce to the richness it brings to desserts such as peanut butter cheesecake bars, this time-tested spread is one we like to keep in our pantry at all times. And if ice cream cones that leak its delicious insides is an issue that has plagued you in the past, then you're going to want to make sure to have a jar of PB on hand.

An ingenious tip from Real Simple makes leaking ice cream cones a thing of the past, putting a little bit of peanut butter spread into the bottom of the cone in order to create a moisture-resistant barrier to keep any melted ice cream in the cone where it belongs. We love the idea so much that we thought of a few other spreads that could provide the same insurance, from melted chocolate to Nutella to cookie butter. So the next time you scoop a cone at home and take it out the door with you, try packing your favorite rich spread into the bottom for a leak-proof summertime treat.