Everything You Need To Know About Guy Savoy's Only US Restaurant

Exploring new dining experiences can be one of the best parts about travel. But adventurous vacation eating extends far beyond the beach bar outside of your waterfront hotel (although we love those, too.) If your upcoming travel plans end up taking you to the Las Vegas strip and you happen to have a penchant for French cuisine, we have some good news.

According to Caesar's Palace's website, Restaurant Guy Savoy has been lauded as "the best restaurant in Las Vegas." and understandably so. The elite French organization, Comité Colbert, reports that the restaurant's namesake and its esteemed member, Chef Guy Savoy, holds three Michelin stars. Savoy is recognized as a world-famous restaurateur with over 40 years of experience, states Comité Colbert, which began with an apprenticeship under a chocolatier before graduating to opening his first establishment in 1980. 

Today, Savoy's Paris restaurant has earned the number one spot on the prestigious La Liste's ranking of the 1,000 Best Restaurants in the World for the past five years in a row, per Fine Dining Lovers. Luckily, French foodies don't have to travel all the way to Paris to taste the chef's stylings for themselves. Savoy also has a self-titled restaurant right in the hub of Vegas. Here's everything you need to know about Guy Savoy's only U.S. restaurant and why it has earned international fame.

Talk about Paris Las Vegas

Guy Savoy's U.S. restaurant (aptly named Restaurant Guy Savoy) is tucked inside the equally as famous and enduring Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.(As an aside, it's also the spot where Evel Knievel famously jumped more than 140 feet over the hotel's lawn fountain on a motorcycle in 1967.) Specifically, the restaurant is located on the second floor of the Augustus Tower in Caesar's Palace.

The French restaurant fittingly features a view of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel's replica of the Eiffel Tower, along with multiple different areas in which guests can enjoy their meal. In addition to the main dining room, there's also the "Bubbles Lounge" and the Caviar Room, per Best U.S. Casinos. In 2013, Savoy introduced another, more elite area for guests to dine in: the Krug Chef's Table, boasting 13 courses and the only Krug table in the U.S., via Eater. The name is derived from Krug Champagne, the brand behind the first luxury Champagne House in the world, according to luxury news platform Robb Report. The six-seat Chef's table offers a tasting menu specifically designed as complementary accouterments to one of the widest selections of Krug champagne in the U.S. as well as a view into the Savoy kitchen itself to watch the chefs at work, reports Robb.

Take your pick from multiple menus

Atmosphere is important, but there's a reason why Restaurant Guy Savoy has enjoyed international fame, and it has nothing to do with the tablecloths. Savoy's menu features a wide array of luxurious French cuisine modeled after the menu of Savoy's other self-titled establishment in Paris (which boasts three Michelin stars).

At the Krug Chef's Table, an exclusive 10-course menu features rotating offerings of dishes made with seasonal ingredients including oysters with seaweed and lemon granité as well as Japanese Wagyu crusted with tarragon and sesame seeds (via Robb Report). But this isn't the only special menu in the establishment. At Savoy's, a host of different menus offer a wide array of selections. A look through the à la carte menu will present dishes like Savoy's signature artichoke and black truffle soup accompanied by black truffle butter on toasted mushroom brioche. The "Colors of Caviar" and Milk-Fed Veal Sweetbread are also not to be forgotten. The 5 Star Celebration menu starts with a seasonal amuse bouche and moves through six more courses at $615 a head. 

Luxury drinks -- and don't skip dessert

You must make absolutely certain that you've saved room for the dessert menu. Chef Guy Savoy himself insists that dessert is an indispensable part of a complete meal. "It's important for us. When you come here you eat a lot. We make you eat a lot. We want you to eat a lot. Even if you don't order a lot, you have a lot of treats coming with your dinner," Savoy says, via Vegas.com. He goes on to explain to the outlet that he wants to make sure not to leave guests feeling overly stuffed. "You don't want to finish with cheesecake, you just want something refreshing," he explains. "Our desserts are simple, refreshing and [don't contain] a lot of sugar in order for you to finish with dessert." 

Indeed, light treats like Coconut Six Ways and Apricot, Almond, and Rosemary ice cream rest easy in a full stomach (per Restaurant Guy Savoy's menu). On the heavier side, you might not be able to find French toast anywhere on this French menu, but you can grab a plate of dessert Belgian waffles which are topped with flambeed cherry and amaretto. If you're feeling up to an after-dinner bevvy, flip through Savoy's 74-page wine list, where sommeliers can get their hands on everything from a $20 glass of Commanderie de Peyrassol, Côtes de Provence from 2018, or a bottle of 1941 Colheita for $1,050.

Raving reviews around the world

If the dishes, the drinks, and the decor have all left a pleasant taste in your mouth, and you'd like to give the restaurant a visit next time you're in Vegas, consider making a phone call now. Restaurant Guy Savoy is only open for dinner five nights a week (from 5:30pm-9:30pm), so French foodie fans should be sure to make their reservations well in advance. But judging by the reviews of diners who have sat down for the 10 or more courses, it's well worth it. One guest on restaurant review platform OpenTable states, "It is very pricey, but it is an incredible experience and a nice escape from the chaotic energy of the rest of the Las Vegas strip." Money might not be able to buy happiness, but, well, you know what we mean. 

The testimonies from real-life patrons seem to match the international acclaim Restaurant Guy Savoy has enjoyed. Another reviewer raves, "The 5-star celebration menu is truly a once in a lifetime meal and you will be treated to the highest level of service." One commenter on Tripadvisor lauds eating at Restaurant Guy Savoy as the "best dining experience ever" and it seems like much of the culinary world would agree.