Nearly 30% Of People Prefer This Type Of Bread For French Toast

French toast is one of those foods, for many of us, which evokes nostalgic memories of childhood. Small wonder, really, when you consider its appeal to both kids and on-the-go parents. Like another childhood favorite, cinnamon toast, it's incredibly easy to make. Per Allrecipes, the ingredients are basically eggs, milk, butter, and bread. But the finished product is sweet and syrupy, a combination sure to please younger children.

The dish does have a more sophisticated side, however, one in which French toast works just as well for dessert as it does for breakfast. These more advanced iterations depend partly on optional ingredients like ice cream, of course, but also on the type of bread used. Which led us to wonder: What is the best type of bread for French toast? So we asked 626 of our readers precisely that question. The results were not so much surprising as a kind of cultural bellwether. Our last place finisher, challah bread, for instance, was the favorite of only 10.38% or respondents (65 votes).

Challah is an excellent bread to use for French toast, according to Allrecipes, but it's also a bread with historical roots in the Jewish tradition and may not be a known option to those outside of the faith.

Favorite breads for French toast

Our survey's leading vote getter, not surprisingly, was white bread, which garnered the support of 29.23% of those polled (183 votes). A vote for white bread is likely a vote for simplicity over sophistication, but could also reflect budgetary concerns or a long-held taste preference. There's also the fact, per Eat This, Not That, that less nutritious versions of white bread are often those with higher sugar content, which could mean that white bread is the perfect match for more decadent versions of French toast.

You might think French bread would be the most appropriate for French toast, but although this popular baguette-style loaf did receive 19.33% of all responses (121 votes), it was narrowly edged out for second place in our survey by brioche, with 24.60% (or 154 votes). Brioche is perhaps the classic French toast variant, thanks to its sweet flavor and batter-sopping thickness, per The Spruce Eats. Sourdough, meanwhile, finished fourth with 16.45% (103 votes).

Just for the record, French toast, like French fries, did not originate in France. Per Allrecipes, the former dates back to Ancient Rome, the latter to Belgium.