Alton Brown's Plastic Wrap Trick Makes Coating Bundt Cake Pans Easy

Alton Brown is a chef known for his handy kitchen hacks and delicious recipe twists. When it comes to a cooking solution, Brown is your guy. After all, he is heralded as a food scientist and often uses science to explain food to his audiences.

One of the chef's kitchen tricks includes adding mayonnaise to eggs to make them creamier. A few others teach how to perfectly carve a turkey and explain why cooking with lard isn't such a bad idea after all (via Eat This Not That). Brown has taught us many valuable hacks over the years, and this one is no exception.

Bundt cakes are popular all year long, particularly during the holidays. The sweet glazes and crunchy toppings that complete these decorative cakes are often viewed as works of art. If the cake doesn't release from the bundt pan properly, though, you're in for a real disaster. That's where Brown's tip for coating bundt pans with plastic wrap comes into play.

Coat, wrap, and shake the bundt pan, says Alton Brown

If you've ever made a bundt cake, you know that preventing the cake from sticking to the mold is of utmost importance to keep that perfect dome-like ring appearance of a classic bundt cake. Many methods exist to prevent a bundt from burning and sticking to the decorative pan and you may have even tried a few. But lucky for us, Alton Brown's bundt cake pan hack is changing how we take these preventative measures.

On Facebook, Brown shares how he shakes his bundt to no-stick perfection. The famous chef recommends first coating the bundt pan with butter. Next, sprinkle two tablespoons of sugar or flour over the coated pan and cover it with plastic wrap. Finally, shake the bundt pan to distribute the powdery flour or sugar around the insides of the pan. Voila! Your bundt pan is coated to no-stick perfection — the Alton Brown way!