The Absolute Best Nothing Bundt Cakes Flavors Ranked

Oh, cake. There is nothing else like it. Take your brownies, your cookies, your ice cream, your pie, but cake always reigns supreme. When it comes to dessert, who doesn't immediately imagine a fudge-covered Devil's Food confection or a festive birthday cake? Meanwhile, for dressed-to-impress guests, an elegantly decorated cake is always the way to go. That being said, one style of cake is woefully underrated but may well be the GOAT: the Bundt cake, and no one does them like Nothing Bundt Cakes.

The prolific company offers a range of sizes to purvey: jaw-dropping tiered cakes that serve a whopping 26 people; 8- or 10-inch cakes that could easily pass as homemade (but reliably perfect and iced with a steadier hand); miniature Bundtlets skillfully portioned for each guest to have their own personal dessert; even single-bite Bundtinis that are just so darn cute.

Meanwhile, the designs are curated for any occasion. Cakes topped with little nurses' hats say thank you to well-deserving health care workers, cakes blooming with bright floral bouquets welcome warmer weather, cakes spiked with reindeer antlers wish happy holidays ... there's something for every day, everything and everyone!

But it all comes down to taste. After choosing your size, decoration, and design, the hardest choice of all will be the flavor. To help out, here's a list that ranks every currently available Nothing Bundt Cakes option plus some of the rotating ones — from 15 to No. 1.

15. Marble

What's better than chocolate? Don't say vanilla, you might just start a war. Let's take out the "or" in favor of "and." So, what's better than chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate and vanilla. Nothing Bundt Cakes' classic, always spot-on yellow cake is swirled with chocolate in an invitingly elegant tuxedo-style, yin-yang pairing. Neither flavor overpowers the other, so you're left with a balanced flavor experience.

This cake is also a great choice for anyone looking to get a two-in-one dessert because it allows for more variety than a whole cake of just one flavor. Along those lines, if you're really bad at making decisions, don't agonize over whether or not you prefer chocolate or vanilla; get this one and you don't even have to choose. Last but not least, if you're dealing with picky eaters or a mixed audience, you'll make everyone happy by getting a cake that defies arguments. Besides, the velvety cream cheese frosting brings it all together beautifully and absolutely seals the deal.

14. Pecan Praline

There's something so comforting about that sweet and salty sensation of a toasted nut, especially the best of all nuts, the princess of Southern baking, the pecan. Even without the ice cream connotation, pecans have a distinct buttery undertone that is only amplified when gently warmed up. Then, once candied and clustered in a praline, it's a whole dessert all by itself. Now put that finished praline in another whole dessert — an even more buttery cake, of course — and you've made magic.

As if all the aforementioned wasn't enough, Nothing Bundt Cakes' decision to add a rich and generous streusel on top is, pardon the pun, the icing on the cake. Swirls of savory cinnamon bring out the nutty flavors while adding a nice kick of sweet spiciness, and brown sugar, which gets its robust flavor (per MasterClass) from a mixture of refined cane sugar and molasses, contributes warmth and complexity while also making it extra moist. This cake strikes the perfect balance between comfortingly homey and intriguingly fancy.

13. Lemon

"Can't stop thinking of you / Can't stop thinking about you too / Everything I do / Every single thing I do for you. / Boy, he loved my lemon cake / Blame it on the lemon cake / Yes, he loved the lemon cake / Royalty and lemon cake." Yes, this flavor is so good that artist Sheila E. wrote a whole song about it in 2020 (literally, it's called "Lemon Cake.") While no, the song probably isn't specifically referring to lemon Bundt cake or Nothing Bundt Cakes in particular, it's not hard to imagine that one bite of this bright, citrus-y classic would get anyone singing.

It's pretty wonderful that this flavor is well-suited for whatever the weather happens to be: a cloudless sunny day? Match the vibe with a sunny slice of cake. A rainy day stuck indoors? Create your own bright spot and get an instant mood boost. The dead of winter without anything fresh in sight? Surprise: lemons are in season and would love to get you out of your rut. The dog days of summer when heavy desserts don't sound at all appealing? There's always room for a piece of this breezy, refreshing cake.

You have no excuses not to try it. Have it with lemonade, with iced lemon tea, with hot lemon tea, with a vanilla shake, with a cold glass of milk; but by all means have your cake and eat it, too.

12. Strawberries & Cream

Isn't it pretty? This delightful cake is reminiscent of so many favorite things! Ripe, glossy berries dipped in custard-y cream was a common dessert in a simpler time. Give that cream a solid whip and now you're most of the way to a strawberry shortcake. Meanwhile, this company has certainly got the cake part down! Long ago in 2017, the Strawberries & Cream flavor was already a fan favorite, and has made its way back into the rotation repeatedly ever since. And thank goodness for that, because it's difficult to find another dessert that nails down this perfect marriage with such grace and downright deliciousness.

Yes, those are real strawberries you see in the photo. They create the loveliest little starbursts of pink that you ever did see, and are countered wonderfully by the creamy uniqueness of white chocolate in the batter and the lush signature cream cheese frosting. While not provided, adding your own in-season local strawberries or homemade vanilla-scented whipped cream (though the canned stuff will do in a pinch) would really take this cake to the next level! Imagine one of those sweet little bundtlets with a ripe red strawberry popped into the center ... really, could it be any more charming?

11. Classic Vanilla

Just take a good long look at the quintessential Bundt cake. Demure yet confident in its timeless appeal is the classic vanilla variety. Did your mom or grandmother ever make these when you were a kid? Did you maybe think they were a little bland, a little plain, a little left to be desired? Well, this one is the platonic ideal and the aspiration of all those slightly disappointing ones in days past. Look no further for your go-to jane-of-all-trades, the cake for all seasons, the cake as suitable for a dinner party as for a regular old Tuesday night.

If you're a baker, you know how hard it is to get the process down perfectly. Baking truly is a science, and one missed ingredient, getting lazy with the time taken to properly cream all the ingredients, forgetting to fully grease your Bundt pan or — heaven forbid — getting distracted and opening the oven to see a more mahogany-brown crust instead of the expected golden-brown ... there's so much room for error. Everyone should have an appreciation for what Mary Berry calls a "good bake." Nothing Bundt Cakes' Classic Vanilla is very good bake.

10. Peppermint Chocolate Chip

In the winter, you want hot chocolate. During the holidays, you want peppermint. So how about something chocolatey and minty to go with your steaming cup of cocoa? And how about adding some chocolate chips for good measure, because it really is the most wonderful time of the year? This is what Christmas tastes like, claims Nothing Bundt Cakes with plenty of good cheer, and it's not hard to agree. There's nothing like peppermint to leave you feeling both cozy and reinvigorated. 

Much like peppermint bark or a peppermint mocha, this cake makes the most of the way the rich depth of chocolate plays well with the whistling crispness of mint. Opposites attract and bring out the best in each other while bringing back memories of holiday cheer. Too much peppermint can veer terrifyingly close to toothpaste territory and too little is disappointingly dull; this cake, which marks the start of our top 10, walks that tightrope adeptly. Cool, calm and collected, Peppermint Chocolate Chip proves that the company knows exactly what it's doing (and is doing it well). Just try leaving this one out for Santa; it would be quite the sacrifice to share with anyone else even if you do get an extra present or two under the tree for it.

9. Lemon Raspberry

Now turn a complete 180 degrees from the previous pick and behold something out of left field. While a classic lemon Bundt cake is already near-perfect, try tossing in some raspberries and suddenly it's a whole other ballgame. Perfectly suited for the season of ballgames, ripe fruit and refreshingly ice-cold lemonade — this clever combo just screams summer.

Each raspberry is perfectly plopped into the blond batter and distributed with care to keep the finished product from being overly saturated or underwhelmingly lacking in berries. It's such a joy to slice into the soft cake and see the dapples of fresh fruit, and sometimes the juice melds with the cake itself and creates a whole new flavor painted pink as a sunset after a long, relaxed summer's day. The high-quality ingredients mean that there's nothing artificial about the taste. If you love the classic lemon Bundt cake, be sure to give this one a try. The addition of those gorgeous raspberries is a cut above.

8. Pumpkin Spice

Step aside, Starbucks. This right here is the pinnacle of sweater weather and the inescapable flavor of the fall season. This fan-favorite made a triumphant return in the fall of 2021, and it wouldn't come as a surprise if it becomes a regular in Nothing Bundt Cakes' autumnal rotation, too. The soft whisper of pumpkin spice seems to become a deafening roar on September 1, doesn't it? While lattes, cookies, and muffins all have their time and place, there's no better way to go all-out on your autumn aesthetic than with the most all-out dessert: cake.

Per EatingWell, pumpkin spice is the catch-all name for a winning combination of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice. It's not hard at all to blend them together yourself, but it's often more economical and convenient to just give one spice jar a shake instead of four. Getting that ideal balance can be tough, though, and baking a pumpkin spice dessert at home might not live up to those high expectations. That's why buying a cake that you know with full confidence will not only meet but exceed those expectations is always a safe bet. Oh, and don't forget that the Nothing Bundt Cakes signature cream cheese frosting is as perfect and pillow-soft as first snow.

7. Blueberry Bliss

Featured back in late summer of 2020, this refreshing option harkens back to homespun blueberry pie, hot out of the oven with ingredients fresh from the farmers market or local berry patch, oozing with indigo juices and begging for a big dollop of fresh whipped cream. There's nothing more satisfying; putting the name "bliss" in the name was not an exaggeration.

As with the Strawberries & Cream cake or the Lemon Raspberry cake, the fresh fruit in Blueberry Bliss is a gamechanger. One of the great things about all the Nothing Bundt Cakes flavors is the impeccable moistness, but every cake that features fruit is doubly so. To offset all that juiciness, the cake is light and fluffy while the frosting has that thick signature cream cheese (because fruit and cream cheese is undoubtedly the perfect pairing).

If you have a soft spot for classic blueberry muffins but would love it if they had some frosting and were a little bit sweeter — basically you'd love it if they were cake — you'll absolutely find your bliss right here, at No. 7, with Blueberry Bliss.

6. Red Velvet

For a bolder color but more subdued flavor than a usual chocolate cake, try this luscious option that comes robed in pure white icing but peppered with surprise bursts of rich chocolate chips. This cake holds nothing back with its gorgeous ruby crumb and layers of indulgent elements; it's as brazen, proud and scarlet as that infamous Southern Belle Scarlett O'Hara. While the history of red velvet cake is up for debate, according to Southern Living (was it concocted in the kitchen of a New York City hotel or a homespun Southern gentlewoman?), the recipe evolved over time and became a staple of that famous Southern hospitality.

Everyone hoping to emulate those hardworking ladies and cultivate that welcoming atmosphere in their own homes, regardless of location, can make it easy on themselves by ordering one of these delicious Nothing Bundt Cakes and serving it up on their finest floral china. Alternatively, just sticking a fork into the dessert as soon as it arrives (and keeping it all to themselves) is a perfectly acceptable option. Live life boldly, right?

5. Confetti

There can be no aggressively happier flavor than confetti. A highly anticipated birthday cake alit with candles and dusted with a generous shower of rainbow sprinkles is happiness you can really, truly, and literally taste. Call it funfetti, sprinkles, rainbow, whatever you'd like, it's an absolute joy that taps into your imagination and brings out that inner child in the best way possible. How can you not be drawn toward the whimsical and unabashed sweetness of what a dear friend so aptly identified as cake-flavored cake? It's just so much fun. 

To amp up the cuteness, maybe order this one in the form of bundlets or bundtinis. Your inner child will be beaming from ear to ear unwrapping each individual treat and having as many as they'd like with all the freedom that comes with zero parental supervision. If you have actual children, ordering a sampler of mini confetti cakes will keep them in a good mood. Maybe if their little mouths are full of cake they might stay quiet just long enough for the parent to get a minute to enjoy some dessert themselves.

4. White Chocolate Raspberry

Did you think there were no more fruit flavors to come after all those amazing aforementioned ones? Meet the crème de la crème, the classiest of them all and the most elegant guest at any party. If all the beautiful cakes on this list were competing to be Vogue magazine's next cover girl, White Chocolate Raspberry would win, hands down. It's a stunner of a cake that would make a fantastic centerpiece for any event; dare you choose it for your wedding cake? Nothing Bundt Cakes does offer those impressive towering tiered options ... the guests will go home happy, guaranteed.

Elegant and sophisticated, this Bundt is the perfect balance of tart and sweet. Raspberries bring their signature rosy red hue with little punches of pizzazz to break up the intriguing decadence of white chocolate baked right into the tender crumb base. As has been previously established, the fruit makes it extra-moist, each berry sticking to your fork for a complex, nuanced bite. Once you factor in the wreath of enticing signature frosting, this cake more than earns its high ranking.

3. Carrot Cake

National Carrot Cake Day falls on February 3 every year. If you missed your opportunity to celebrate with cake during the last one (because what celebration isn't made infinitely better with cake?), then don't worry, because this sweet-and-spiced flavor is available year-round from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Be sure to mark your calendars now for next year, though, so you can plan ahead and order this utterly delicious version. While it might be polarizing to put a cake with a vegetable in it so high up on the list — in the top three no less — give it a try and you'll understand why.

Real, earthy carrots and fruity, sunny pineapple are woven into the robust crumb of this treasure-hunt of a cake. But never fear, the texture ratio is still artfully calculated. There are no awkward chunks of chewy fruit and veggies making you feel like you're forcing down something overly nutritious. This is definitely and absolutely dessert, but dessert with twists and turns that takes it a step above the competition. If you ever raise an eyebrow at the "carrot" part of this cake, make sure you get enough of that sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting in your next bite. That's sure to remind you that this food is no boring vegetable.

2. Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Raise a glass (of milk) to the most popular flavor or all! This particular pick is so beloved that it has inspired many home bakers to go out on a quest to create their own "copycat" recipes. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? It's safe to say that, while each imitation is no doubt good in its own right, none of them are going to be exactly right. This cake is exactly right. It definitely tastes like it could have been whipped up at home but has that extra special something that the company rightfully prides itself on.

It's not just the impossibly delicious cake that's packed with chocolate flavor; chocolate chips are scattered in for good measure and fleck the base so that there's never a bite without as much fudge as could be desired. This time, the frosting is a lovely juxtaposition; after all that chocolate, a cool cream cheese topping is much appreciated. It means that you can have even more cake because you're chasing it with a contrasting element. And more cake is always the goal, right?

1. Snickerdoodle

Nothing Bundt Cakes' Snickerdoodle is our No. 1 pick, and the reason why is because it's just that good — completely in and of itself, no special promos, stamp on the calendar, or limited-edition incentive necessary.

You can never go wrong with good old cinnamon sugar. Did you ever enjoy cinnamon toast as a kid (or as an adult, for that matter)? This is everything good about that, but cultivated and crafted to be better. Oh, it also has definite cinnamon roll energy, especially with that stellar cream cheese frosting. If you find yourself very good at devouring countless fresh-baked snickerdoodle cookies as they come right out of the oven, just admit that a whole cake is an ideal solution to that problem.

Or, to really remind you of your favorite comfort cookie, purchase this cake in bundlet or bundtini form. However you enjoy your butter, cinnamon, sugar, and cream cheese, enjoy it at its best with Nothing Bundt Cakes Snickerdoodle sensation.